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Who will remember us: part I

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Who will remember/
                           Those souls who have come before/
                                                                           And recieve blessings/

Being a Pisces when I am confronted by life issues, i seek water to escape. No I don't live by an Ocean (yet), or have a pool in the back of my house but these things are soon to come since I am he author of my own life story (check out the "The Lost Art of Story Tellin'" to get a better understanding of what I mean). Like many of you the largest body of water I have is my bath tub. I learned a long time ago to combine my love for water and my need for meditation into one thing. So often times i will disappear into the bathroom for hours.
It is something about the warm water that allows me to slip into what at times feel like another world. i have learned many things sitting quietly in a Tub of hot water, but the most powerful lesson and experience I have had when I had what I call in my upcoming book, an Ancestral intercession.
One day I was confronted by some major life issues and I was looking for answers, and I was being overwhelmed and I felt as if I was going down for the final count. It seemed that the circumstances of life had delivered what we call in capoeria  a "Death blow", and this time I could not dodge, and I was not going to be able to even block this deadly strike. So I did what my Contra Mestre at the time had taught  me several times in the roda by delivering the relentless ass kickings that he lovingly handed out, when you know you are going to get hit relax go with the blow and if at all possible lay down. Since I had figured that capoeria was just a metaphore for life I accepted the blow and laid my ass down in a tub of hot water. Now for me a bath not only cleans my body, but it helps clean my mind, emotions, intuiton and spirit.
As I laid in the tub I was not expecting a miracle to come, or for my issues to just vanish, but what I did expect was the clarity of a new clean perspective of a situation that a bath for me could bring. As laid in the tub of water with my incense burning, I slipped away. Where I slipped to I do not know, but I will describe the process in the future (I describe it in my blog post and future book entitled the "Baba" I have been sharing the chapters as i find them. . hahahahaa).
I found Myself in a place of peace, and i heard a voice that asked me this question, "why can't your Ancestors help you?", now I was puzzled by this question. Because I had always thought that my ancestors were helping me, but never one to let a free lesson escape me I indulged the questioner, "I don't know. Why can't my ancestors help me?" I spoke into the Blackness and there was long comfortable  silence, and the response eventually came and the answer was shocking. So shocking that I have end right here and say that this blog will be continued on 4-20-11.

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