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SelfMastery™ Process

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7 step process/
In 90 days you can change/
Your entire life/

I am really look forward to the beginning of this process. This is actually a dream come true. Let me rephase that it is the beginning of a dream coming true. First I need to sends shouts out to the Gypsy Cafe
for allowing us to have our training over there for the next 8 weeks. I shortened the training to acommodate the gypsy schedule as well to free up august for my Simba trip.
Now to the training... the major pillar for this 8 weeks will be the meditation process that i have been blessed enough to have learned and developed on my Journey. I will be putting out a MP3 with a part of the method for those who can't attend the class I call it "Meditation by the #'s". For thse that will be there if you apply the system you will begin to see changes in your life.
The Seven step process is from my book called the "Player's Pyramid", for those that want a sample of the book, I created the Player's Pyramid page so that you can check it out. Together during our session we will explore this book and use the model that it provides to develop a symbol and a map for our success on this journey.
The 90 day process comes from the "Gye-Nyame Journey Work Book", with this book we will explore the wisdom of the ancestors, and figure out how to apply them to our lives. For a sample of this book just stay tuned to the Journey because I post new proverbs and quotes at least 5 times a week. In the class we will just go through the proper steps to help you distill the wisdom from these saying so that it comes alive in your life.
the final part of the class we will discuss creating our own narrrative by exploring what has been laid down but we will talk about that more tommorow.
Remember class begins sunday June 5th at 2pm at Gypsy Cafe. I will see you there.

Nuff said
peace & 1hunid years
stay woke

Brother Ha2tim
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