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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 48171 "Who does your Kuumba serve"

Peace FAM:
Every now and again your are forced to face some difficult facts, and have to ask yourself some difficult questions. The answers that ring back can sometimes make you sick, but that feeling if faced and embraced can bring about healing. I was hit by one of those questions this morning when I was creating this video. I had to ask who does my/our creativity serve, and the answer that reverberated into my soul was not comforting.  Our creativity has been hijacked and has been put to work to help build and maintain nations for others, and in turn destroying us. We have to do some deep soul searching to figure out how to get control of our Kuumba so that we can put it to work for us. Part of the reason I developed the Challenge was to help people snatch control of the power that lies in them, and the power to create is something we need to definitely grasp. Our creativity is the source of our wealth, and we will never be able to get to where we need to be without it. At this point in our history it is being used full force against us. We see it being used to destroy our minds and to keep us stuck in position. Kuumba is the heart beat of culture, from her flows the innovation that move a culture and its people forward. In order to build as a collective or as an individual Kuumba must be controlled and harnessed to move forward. Let's take it back, and Let's Build!!!
Nuff Said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 321171 (Who is defining you/we)

Peace FAM
The thought that hit me when I rose from my sleep this day, was who defines us, and how do we benefit from it? When looking at how we deal with each other and the world I can't help but be puzzled, because it appears that we operate outside of our own interest. Any people that operate outside of their own benefit is crazy, because their is no way that they can survive. This type of people put their children at risk, and set them up for future oppression, and debt slavery. A people's Kujichagulia is a protection against outside forces, when the force of Kujichagulia is stripped away a people are subject to outside definition.
Now here is where the hustle gets real, if an outside force or group (group 1) can define another group (group 2), the definition that is set on group 2 will always work for the benefit of group 1. This means that everything that group 2 knows about itself or even think about it self will benefit group 1. The only end that I can see for group 2 is extinction. Now FAM we have to realize that we are in group 2, and begin the real work of change.
Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

Monday, March 13, 2017

This Diet Could Save Your Life "African Heritage Diet"

Peace Fam:
GNJ is all about helping you change your mental diet. I'm always trying to provide thought provoking ideas that are designed to help you start seeing the world in a new way. I figured I would leave the physical diet to the experts, but then I ran into this article about the African Heritage Diet and I had to share this information. Now there are plenty of healthy diets out there, but this one rang a bell for me because they are taking the cultural route. The fact is that human beings developed over thousands of years eating certain foods, and each group have cultural foods that they lean on, except African people in America. Our diet was forced upon us with no concern about the effects on the 5 parts of our being. Now I believe it is time for us to start snatching back this important part of our legacy. I especially like when they stress eating in groups, as a matter of fact they described the dinner table as "the healing table" Goto the site for yourself and get the information and Let's Build!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 311171 (Release the magician)

Peace Fam
Man we are coming off a great Nia, and moving into this Kuumba. I feel like a magician, I don't know why, but I have been humming this capoeira song "Assaulta Manginga" which means release the magician. Maybe it is because I just reached 100 subscribers on YouTube, maybe because I am finally getting comments on my blog, or maybe because I just had my afternoon meal. Whatever it is I am going to ride the feeling until I can't anymore.
Now it is time for you to release the magician in your life.  Magician before they were connected to parlor tricks and morphed into politicians, were at one time very skilled workmen. They mastered there craft to a point to where it appeared they could perform miracles. They didn't have one trade they were the masters of their age. They got so good at what they did that people called them magi, which means wise. Magi is also the root word of magician, this word through time became associated with terms like super natural, to make you think that these skills were out of reach. A magician is simply a master of his/her craft. They simply cultivated the ability to create, by getting the 5 parts of their being to work together. You can do the same, and by doing so you will be able to release a flow of creativity in your life that will change it forever. Checkout the video, toast your ancestors, and let me what you think.  For those that want to checkout the Kindle edition of my book "Freedom Within Limits".
Peace & 1hunidyears

Friday, March 10, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 310171 (Play & practice your position)

Peace Fam
Today's toast is a celebration of the follower, those unnamed heroes who have made civilization possible. Those people who may have known more and spoke better than the person they were following but kept their mouth shut, and played their part. Many of you may cringe when you read these words, but you have to face the fact that everyone is not a leader, in fact most people are not. I know you will probably fall into the "we are all leaders in our own life" argument but I could argue you there as well. History or at least the way we want to see it does not hoist the follower into the spot light. They teach us to focus on the leader, rather than looking at individuals that gave him the very thing that he needed, people to lead. It is these people who bring the know how to make the vision of the leader possible. It is these individuals that help and remind the leader to stay in line. It is these individuals that raise the money, and balance the books. It is these individuals that keep the meeting halls open and clean. Hell, if the followers ain't on point then the leadership will be wack. It is the unsung, that form the notes that the leader sings.
I am saying all this to encourage you to face the reality that you may not be the next Malcolm X, but may just be a "Malcolm in the middle", but by you learning to practice and play in your position, you make an invaluable contribution to the forward movement of your group, and more importantly your life. By you focusing and applying "right practice" where you are, you grow. Better yet you can create an environment where everyone around you can grow. So please play your role, the future of your tribe, and family may depend on it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 38171 (You Inc.)

Peace Fam:
Taking my time to review the proverb of the week , and attemping to connect it with the principle of the day. "Right practice is true knowing", in this practice is the key. The question I want my family to focus on is what are you practicing daily. We have to begin to look at ourselves as vaulable businesses, that have a story to tell. Many of us our not active in building our brand because deep down inside we may feel that we are not worthy. Wake up and face the fact that many of your struggles were not given to you for just you, but to teach others. Get up and begin to share your most powerful resource beside your time, yourself and your story.  Let's bring to practice living, and sharing our life lessons. We have been born in a time where we can leave tons, of information for our children and for those in need. Stop wasting your time and your storage space on looking for the next fight, and point the camera at your life and begin to record history in the making. Don't be shy because according to the news you are being recorded anyway, so why not save a life, inspire someone's spirit that may be weak, and maybe build a business. It's happening everyday, why not for you?
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Monday, March 6, 2017

Let's Talk Nation Building

Peace  FAM:
I decided that while I was recovering to attempt to experiment with periscope. Yep I took a day off from the adventure, but I wanted to do something creative. So after the interview and speaking with brother Yarima I decided to try periscope. So I wanted to see how to work it and see if I can use it for my live broadcast. It is compatible, and I will be streaming over periscope for my Kujichagulia, and Ujima shows. So I will be seeing some of yall through the periscope.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 128171 (who is defining you & your reality)

Great Kujichagulia:
On this day we reflect not only on Kujichagulia, but upon the other principles, and laws that fall on this day.Today is not only the day of self-determination, but it also serves to bring us time to work with Justice and  the Law of Correspondence.
Keeping with the theme from last week we will reflect on these principles through the lens of the quote from the "Book Of Coming Forth By Day", that has sparked all kinds of thoughts. " Awaken from thy suffering O thou who lye prostrate! ", we will stop the quote there, because this part illustrates what we need. Kujichagulia is about defining our self for our self, but how is this done? Unfortunately most people have been lulled into a deep sleep, they were cultured, and socially designed into a prostrate state. We have been submitted to a systematic process that strives to keep us unconscious. In the state of unconsciousness we experience self inflicted suffering. Now I believe that this point is important enough to repeat, "we are experiencing self imposed suffering". I know that many will kick back against this point, but we ultimately are inflicting suffering upon ourselves. We have been trained to believe in our helplessness. The systems we have been subjugated to have done an excellent job of convincing us that we are victims of a chaotic universe, and that our lot in life is set. The stories we have been told keep us in our place, with our faces firmly placed in the dirt. imagining all types of horrors. We actually believe that others have control over us and that our destiny lies in others hands. When the fact of the matter is that because we are "lying prostrate" we can't see the truth.
Everyone has heard the story of the training of the elephant. Where a baby elephant is tied to a tree, and for the first part of his life he pulls against the tree trying to get free. The Tree is firm and real, and eventually the baby elephant begins to surrender, and gives up trying. The baby elephants eventually grows into a bull elephant, and now because he has been trained he will not attempt to free himself. You can now tie the giant elephant to a stake and he will not be able to free himself. This same process has happened to you.You have been forced down so much that you now believe that your proper position is on the ground and have given up trying to rise. from the ground everything look bad. your angle of life is distorted, and I am simply trying to help you stand up, "Awaken thou who is lying prostrate". You and your whole life has been defined by others, and their definition serves them, and not you. How we see ourselves shapes how we see the world, and how we interact in it. the worst part about all this is that humans are very resilient, we can adjust to almost anything. Many of us have learned to be comfortable living life on our bellies. I am just saying stand up! Awaken and rise to who you really are. When you start to rise it will be scary, but you will begin to see that all the suffering was your doing, and the suffering that was being inflicted by others fades away as you look them in the eye. Today is an opportunity for you to redefine your life and your relationship with it. Take the #nguzosabachallenge and dedicate your days to yourself and culture. Begin to take small steps to get your health in order. Let's Build!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Daily Toast- Imani 226171 (The Conspiracy Of You)

The greatest conspiracy that is never talked about is the conspiracy of "YOU". I am here to tell you as we step into Imani, that it is important that you consider this fact. Take time to reflect on your life and recognize that everything that has happened to you good or bad has lead you to this very moment. I know many of you can't believe this because we have been condition to believe that we are little cogs in a machine called the universe, and our existence is not worthy of cosmic intervention. I am here to tell you that you are worthy, and you need to etch this idea into your mind. You need to look at the evidence called your life. Look at the things that have happened in your past, I mean even before you were born that set the stage for you. You are the star of your life, and you need to embrace this fact, and wake up and catch the hints that have been coming your way, and will continue coming your way. The very universe is working on your behalf. So take some time during this day and reflect on your conspiracy, and figure out how to use this conspiracy to move you to where you need to be.

Daily Toast- Umoja 227171

We have made it to another Umoja, and almost made it through another month. We are going strong with these toast, and by now you should be seeing the effects. Umoja is the point in our principle system where all of the principles we have been working on come together to produce results. Today take some time to notice where the principle Umoja has been working in your life. Where have things been coming together for you. Umoja is unity, but also on this day we deal with the Maatic principle of Truth, and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism.
Speaking of the Law Of Mentalism, let's explore this law throught the lense of Umoja. The principle of Umoja reminds that everything is connected and and interdependent. If we take this as Truth (Maat) we can take our principles to another level.  The Law of Metalism states that "Everything is mental, and everything is a mental creation of the All", now this means that the entire Creation is formed through mental energy. Mental energy proceeds from the mind, and can be manipulated with mind. Our Creator is described as the The All in all, in the hermetic writings, and this mean that this All is within you. This "All" is waiting to be activated by you, the only thing that is preventing this is your lack of unity within yourself, and your lack of consciousness. We can look back at the proverb that has been spurring me this week, "Awake out of thy suffering, O thou who liest prostrate! Awake thou! Thy head is in the horizon". I know that I have been on this for the last few days, but the truth (Maatic principle) rings so loud for me that I want, better yet I need you to get it. In our unconscious state, our walking sleep we miss out on the power that lie within us. We our lying prostrate suffering, but why are we suffering. We suffer because we do not realize that all of the pain, torment, horror, sadness, and grief are creations of our own making. We are caught within a mental illusion that is being cast over us, by ourselves. In our prostrate postion we can not see this, and others take advantage of our lack of site. They profit from our suffering, not because they have escaped the trap, but because their illusions have convinced them that they can releave some of their suffering by tormenting others, but it doesn't.
When we as individuals, and groups begin to rise from our prostrate positon, by unifying the five elements of our being (IMESP), and become conscious of where, when, and most importantly who we are, the shackles fall off and the suffering ceases. So on this powerful day once again let's focus on getting our mind right, and learn to master the other elements within us, so that we can turn this world from what it is to what we and our children need it to be.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 225171

Oh my, we have made it to another kuumba, and I am wore out. The flame of my Nia is burning me up and I can't stop. The powerful thing that I have realized about Kuumba is the fact that it sits between Nia & Imani. In my book the Player's Pyramid we progress through the Nguzo Saba backwards. For Gye-Nyame Imani is the base upon which the rest of the principle sits. kuumba is next in the progression. This demonstrates to all those on the gye-Nyame Journey that  in order to create we have to have a strong belief in our ability to create. on the top of Kuumba, We have the fire of Nia, which we spoke about yesterday. The consciousness that activates Nia is good, but it only becomes great when we are abl to apply our Kuumba to the new information that our consciousness brings to our awareness. It is our Kuumba that allows us to take advantage of the opportunities that the beacon of Nia brings our way. Believe it or not the universe conspiring to move you toward your greatness. Our Kuumba is the key that open those doors. Through the proper use of Kuumba we can see beyond what our eyes and the world projects. We can see the possibilities that those who are not aware miss. We can see heaven in hell, and victory in despair. We can mutate and transform all things thrown at us. A perfect example of the power of Kuumba is HipHop. You had young people trapped in a world not of their making, in situations that were deplorable, but still they were able to give birth to something beautiful. They demonstrated the power of alchemy, they took the base metal of their lives and transmutated it into something precious.
Family take some time today, and reflect upon Kuumba, and open your heart. Have faith in your self (Imani), and "Awaken from thy suffering", and become aware of where you are and who you are. Open up your heart and get to creating. The only thing that is stopping You is you.