Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Gina Gee Project- "Let's Make Popsicles" Part 2

Peace FAM:
Here is part 2 of the popsicle series. This time the Mosh attempts to take the show over again. The girls are having fun, and being creative. They made the popsicles, and I thought that a part two of them eating and commenting on their creation was a good idea. Excuse the fact that I make an apperance, but the popsicles were very hard to remove and I didn't want their whole show be two little girls wrestling with candy ice. take some time and check out my girls show, and throw them a thumbs up while you are at it.

The Power Of Your No

Peace Fam:
Today we had a powerful segment leaning toward you and your personal power. In my time on this planet one of the hardest things for me is telling people no. Usually I feel guilty, and feel I have to explain my reasoning behind the no. I know that I am not the only one having this issue, many of us have ruined our lives, or may have put ourselves in compromising situations because we don't feel good about sharing our NO. I want you to understand that when you say no, you are sharing. You are sharing who you are and your values, and should stop allowing individuals to pull you from that. We all have boundaries and we need to learn how to enforce them, and using the "power of no" is one of our weapons for doing this. When we say no, we are being honest about our thoughts, and being true to our feelings, but we feel that we need to justify them. I am here to tell you that you do not. Those that can not accept your no, are revealing something to you. Something that you need to begin to notice, and understand. When someone can not accept your no, they are disrespecting you, and giving you a hint about how they feel about you. When they can not accept your no they are beginning to show you who they really are when it comes to you. A true friend, relative, or etc., would appreciate your no, and move on, not sit in your face and demand an explanation. The question that you have to always ask first yourself, and then the person you are dealing with is "why is your no not sufficient". My friend it is important that you understand that your no is sufficient, and requires no explanation. Stop attempting to justify your personal boarders to others who are trying to invade your space.
Basically I go more in depth in the video, but I think it will be a good listen. For those that want to jump to the discussion go to to about the half way mark and enjoy. I would love for you to leave a comment, as well as subscribe to keep up with what we are doing in GNJ. Also please take the time to sign up for this blog, as well as take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge. The challenge is free plus you get a discount on any products that are available as well as get plenty of free material. Change your life, or at least begin to change your life. Lastly begin to use your No, it will help you get some extra weight off of your life, and maybe your body.
Nuff said
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aligning Yourself With The Cycles Of Nature

Peace FAM:
Today or should I say yesterday because my post on our site is always one day behind. I started a fast in an attempt to align myself with a cycle that has been adhered to by many, if not all ancient people. For those that do not know I am talking about the solstices and the equinoxes. In particular I am talking about the summer solstice that will taking place on June 20, 2017, which is known as the longest day of the year. I want to discuss with you these "power days", that I believe  can be used to help us update our bodies and help adjust our personal software to get us back in tune with the Universe. I don't want to go to deep on this subject but I want you to know that by learning about some of the larger cycles that we have been made ignorant of, can help us get in tune with our true selves. On the solar calendar the cycle of the sun can be broken down into four parts, and if you want to go deeper we can actually break it down more, but for our purpose we can stick to the 4 parts. The solar year is separated by 2 solstices, and 2 equinoxes. These events break the year down into 4 parts of about 91.25 days ( I did not include the leap years in this calculation). Each of these parts are represented by a season, and the cycle that we are moving into represents the summer period of the year. To go a little deeper into the mythology, this part of the year moves us into the feminine part of the year. That's right the year is broken down also into  masculine and feminine. The feminine part of the year is represented from the summer solstice to the winter solstice, and the masculine part of the year is represented between the winter solstice and the summer solstice. The reason for this is that from the winter season it is said the solar energy begins to rise, and move into prominence, and reaches a peak on the summer solstice, and from that point you can see the decrease of solar energy as the earth moves toward the dark which is associated with the feminine energy, culminating during the winter solstice which is known as the longest night of the year. So we can see a constant ebb and flow between the masculine and feminine energy.
Enough of that I am suggesting that by us forming some type of personal ritual on these days will help us align with the universal principles that we strive to practice everyday. I personally will be fasting 6-20 through 6-23. This is my personal ritual in which I will be attempting to align my self with this mighty cycle, that has shaped civilization. I figure by do this on each of these special days to recognize the change of the season and the position of the Earth I am plugging into something bigger than myself, and something that has been around a lot longer than I have. During this time I will personal focus on the four needs, the 5 parts of my being, the 6 emotions, and the 7 principles.
I am choosing to do a session focusing on this event because I figure for those of you having problems with fasting, by aligning your personal sacrifice with something bigger will help you complete your task. I could get into some of the mythology that was formed from these days but I will leave that for you to research. my goal today is to give you another toll that you can use to help you meet some of your goals. I promise I will being going more in depth in time, we will discuss feminine and masculine energy and how we can work with it. We will discuss the phases of the moon and how we can align ourselves with it as well. The idea of plugging into these cycles might scare many of you but the one thought that I will leave you with is this. The sun and the moon both have massive effects upon our lives and the world we live in. We know that both of these massive bodies not only effect the planet but effect our very biology. The sun is something that we really on everyday for our existence. Every time that you eat food in some form or fashion you are taking in converted solar energy. The moon effects all bodies of water on the earth including the 70% of your physical body that is water, and if you are female we already know that the effects the flow of menstruation. So why night align some of our personal and tribal SelfMastery practises to these to stellar objects, and major events that surround them.
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Checkout the video and let me know what you think
If you are not already plugged into the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, please join in. It is free and it will help you move into your personal power, our at least give you a glimpse.
Let's build!!!

Here is some African bitters, it may be cheaper for you to find them at a local store i found the same size bottle for $16:


The Gina Gee Project- "Let's Make Some Popsicles"

Peace FAM:
The young ladies are at it again this time trying to demonstrate how to create popsicles. They are still learning how to place the camera so that the audience can get a better view, but they are making progress. The most important thing for me is that they have fun, and continue to pull on their creativity. We had quite an experience with letting Gina, and Shasha pick out the juice for the shoot. After going through about 5 different choices we finally decided on the flavors that you see in the video. Shasha & Gina would like to thank their grandmother for coming up with the idea as well as providing the prop. Shots out to the adults that are supporting these young ladies dreams. I thank you a thousand times. Now the question that I am wrestling with is how to get the video in front of children eyes. if you have any ideas leave them in the comments.
The Gye-Nyame Journey channel will be focused on developing the family entertainment portion. From this channel we will be airing a few more children and young adult shows. I am wrapping my brain around this mission as we speak. Now it is just a matter of time before what I need to make this happen will pop up. Watch us build.....

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Discussing The 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge - Daily Toast Umoja 619171

Peace FAM:
Today we reviewed all of the information, and reflected that all of the system we spoke about in the previous week, all work together in Unity to make you a living being. Our bodies are perfect models for today's principle and when we take the time to study our bodies we can move toward mastering our lives and the world around us.
I began the discussion today during the toast by discussion the verdict of the recent trial for the murderer of Philando Castile. I shared the fact of how I was not shocked, and then began the discussion about tribe building, developing a culture, and being willing to support those that sacrifice for our communtiy. I have been struggling with the fact for a while that people only do to us (Black Folks in America) what they can get away with. The whole society nows that they can violate our women, mistreat our children, and murder the men and get nothing but a protest. We will notice immediate changes in behavior toward us when individuals and groups that violate our members, and borders have direct and immediate consequences to deal with. If police officers had to hide and be taken into protective custody when they shot one of us unjustly, I believe that there would be an immediate drop on police on Black murder. I believe that when the Police had to be concerned with their safety when they were caught beating one of us. These behaviors would stop immediately. I believe that when merchants were no longer able to set up businesses and free money in our neighborhoods that things would change. We have open borders, and are treated not as citizens, but as people in an occupied territory. The only way that this view is going to change is if we begin to Tribe up and yake possession of the communities that we live in. Now let me be clear, I mean that we have to enter the community, Take possesion of some territory (purchase  a building, or houses and become members of that community and not just renters), develop an economic life within that community (start some form of busness or businesses with in the community), and from their we can begin to lay down the law. We have to go deeper that just bringing people in from the suburbs, and surrounding area to protest. We have to first protest with our minds, and begin to really inhabit the areas that we will begin to claim and take control of. Paying rent is not enough, because that is the possession of a surf that is basically taking care of the property of their Lord (landlord).
There I go going off and forgetting to discuss the topic of the day, all those that want to jump past all that retorect and get to the subject of the day goto 33 minutes and 50 seconds. Where I begin to talk about how I and why I created the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge. I review all of the things we have covered over the last week, and discuss how by us simply taking the challenge we can begin to lay the foundation of changing our lives. The Challenge at first was just about challenging the symbol of the week and taking possesion of it as a group by calling them principles from our culture. This I believed would help us focus on building on our principles (the principles of Kwanzaa) on a daily basis. This would also give us the opportunity to free ourselves from the symbolism of other cultures that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Many people would argue that the days of the week are not that important, but I feel differently. We each repeat the name of the day several times a week, and the name although it may have lost it's meaning to us still sets a mythical tone. I believe that we could start with this simple process, and in the process create a language in common which is one of the first steps to nation and culture building. Little did I know that the daily toast would force me to add different things to this challenge, and would have grown to where it is today. I just can't wait to see what you add.
I also discuss the idea behind the #224selfhelpprocess, and the Idea behind 4-5-6-7. For those that don't know be sure to watch the video and take notes. Hit me up in the discussion here or on my video. Either why sign up for the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge,  or subscribe to my YouTube  Channel;
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Let's Build

Monday, June 19, 2017

Water & Dehydration

Peace FAM:
Water the most important substance that we can put in our body outside of air. This session was very informative, it demonstrate how far we have fallen from who we are supposed to be. Many of the complicated diseases we are afflicted by in our community may have a very simple solution, drink more water. Water makes up over 70% of our body and is a necessary part of our lives, or it should be. It is apparent that many of us have replaced water with other substances that contribute in no way to our health. These other drinks although they feel good on the palate, are actually wreaking havoc on our internal life. They are robbing of us life, and giving us temporary highs.
According to the article I shared many of us are suffering from Dehydration, and this is breaking our bodies down causing sicknesses that are bankrupting us. We receive medicines that help prolong our suffering, but still encourage the underlying ailment to persist. This article also challenges the notion of the types of water that we drink. The argument is raised that any water but natural spring water may be causing damage as well. The idea is that spring water through it's relationship with the earth provides our body not only with water, but also carries elements in the proper form that our bodies need.
I myself have been sipping on distilled, purified water jumping over the spring water, but for the next few weeks I will begin sipping on some natural spring water. Be careful if you are going to take the same course. Because many spring water say spring, but are nothing but purified water designed to fool you. Check the bottle and make sure that the water you are sipping on can be traced to an actual spring.
Check out the video and let's keep growing and sharing.
Nuff said
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy, and 1hunidyears.

The Why & How of "That Ambrosia"

Peace FAM:
Today let's talk about the benefits of "That Ambrosia", after having all of these discussions about about the microbiome, I felt that it was the right time to remind all of my watchers, and readers that GNJ has developed a product that can help with all of the issues that we have covered. I need to stress that as far as hydration nothing comes close to water, but then to get probiotics, herbs, vitamins, and minerals  into your body.
On this video I also talk about the fact we are now able to provide our supporters with their very own SCOBY's so that they can start the brewing process at home.
Checkout the video for those that want to skip pass the toast I suggest jump to about 30 minutes and that is about the time the discussion starts. For all those that would like to support GNJ and get "That Ambrosia" click the link.
Until the next time....

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Microbiom Part 2 - Daily Toast Nia 616171

Peace FAM:
We are at it again talking about that gut health and secret power of your microbiome. Today we focus on the part of the microbiome in the lungs. The microbiome covers basically all of your internal organs. The body is far from the sterile monolith that we have been taught about. These microorganism inhabit and assist you in every step of your life. We need to learn how to take care of them so that we can have a great life. These organism help you break down and get all the nutrients that you need from your food. Family by us learning to work with the system we have been gifted with we can overcome and conquer all ailments. This little bit of information can be life changing if we start to use it. Every article that I read suggest that you begin adding probiotics to your diet. Probiotics add healthy and helpful microorganisms. Of course you know by now that GNJ has developed a product that can help with this process.
The original reason that I started brewing "That Ambrosia" was to help others. I liked brewing, but to be able to help others was an added blessing. Now what I want to do is to go one step further and help people by teaching them how to make there own Jun. For more information please read my post about "That Ambrosia". As well as sending out "That Ambrosia" I am now able to send out the actual SCOBY (symbiotic culture of Bacteria, and Yeast). This is part of the secret sauce. You will be able to brew your own Jun and start the process of maintaining your health by adding probiotics to your daily life. I am really excited about this step, and I know that some will say why would I provide part of the secret that I am building upon. My answer is simple, there are too many people in my community that are sick from diseases that can be dealt with by simply adding this drink. I believe that those that will buy bottles from me will buy bottles from me. The bigger picture is that in every city in the U.S. that I have been in I run into sick people, and for me to hog something that can help them is, in my opinion hypocritical. How can I talk about Culture Building, and Family but hide the secret that can help so many. Most of those that are supporting the Journey are doing it because they believe in my work, and they don't have the time to do what I do. In our tribe we all do what we are good at, just like the microbiome.

For those that are interested in supporting the GNJ Click the link, GNJ's "That Ambrosia" and support. We will contact you and get the shipping and handling together and ship your gift. Remember "That Ambrosia" is a gift for family and friends only. I want people who are driven by something deeper than just being a customer. I am looking for my extended family, I am looking for those who read the articles, watch the videos, and podcast. I am looking for those who want to move to greatness so that we can help each other move up, rather than cultivate a parasitic type of customer relationship. We are building, if you want to help sign up and let's move. Once you sign up you will receive the videos where I am showing you how to brew your own. Help me spread the Culture, "That Ambrosia" is the staple of those that belong to GNJ.
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy, and 1hunidyears

Friday, June 16, 2017

Gut Health Is The Key To A Long & Healthy Life- Did I Mention Sex

Peace FAM:
Today we toasted up Ujamaa, and looked at another wasted resource in our community. Unlike the other resources I have talked about, this resource is heavily under research. The resource that I am speaking of today is the gut. We have neglected and it has come back to haunt us. It was said by Hippocrates (who was a student of the KMT mystery system) "that all disease begins in the gut", and finally science is catching up with the sages of old. Just in the little time that we have been talking about the gut, we have run into at least 15 common ailments that can be traced back to our microbiome. We have been taught to break our body down into parts, and these parts work together in groups, and these groups work together to form a whole, but modern science and ancient wisdom is shutting that illusion down. The human body has it's own ecology, and this ecology works together to form us. When our ecology falls out of balance then the whole system is out of wack. We have to begin to look at the whole system and stop looking at the pieces. Part of this complex ecology is our  Microbiome which is part of the gut. Our gut holds and control the wild and sometimes dangerous species that live within us. This microbiome is incredible, after just studying it for a few moments, I have been shocked to hear about all the benefits and dangers of this microbiome. Our gut is in charge of controlling these wild animals and making sure that they follow the rules of the system. When we start violating the rules, by eating processed food, taking antibiotics, dealing with dangerous chemicals and etc., we violate the rules, and thereby upset the system, causing a domino effect that ends up destroying us through autoimmune disease, cardiovascular issues, cancer, diabetes, random infections and etc.. Yes all these diseases have links to the gut, and also can be solved by learning about and working with our gut.
It is quite easy to work with our guts, and to begin to eliminate many if not all diseases that effect our people. Here are some simple steps:

*Watch what you eat (limit or eliminate processed food)
*Begin to eat culturally appropriate food, every people have a culture and an important part of all cultures is food. Each group has singled out through time certain foods that act as a staple for them. Explore your cultural roots and find that food.
*Fast, yep I said take time to fast and give your body time to heal, and reboot itself periodically.
*Breathing exercises help relax your entire body and helps you deal with stress. Stress is a major player in throwing our gut out of wack.
*Stop over medicating yourself, especially with antibiotics...
*Begin to take probiotics, which are fermented foods or drinks like "That Ambrosia"
Now I know that many of you are wondering what has all this talk about bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses, microbiome, digestive systems, and etc., have to do with sex. Unfortunately if I have to take it farther and deeper for you are probably doing some of the shit that I mentioned to stop, and feel that you will not be effected. Here you go:

1. Our reproductive system and digestive track are right next to each other. So if our gut health is out of wack then is possible for some of the microorganism running wild to run into your sexual organs. For example yeast infections, and etc..
2. The gut has been labeled the second brain, and has a major influence over the body far deeper than just indigestion. The gut and our microbiome ensures that the digestion goes right ( no digestion, no energy for sex), neutralizes poisons in our system (can't get busy effectively when you are suffering from poison), synthesizes nutrients that the body can't make ( which keeps us healthy and frisky).
3. The gut also produces hormones (helps you feel horny), enzymes, and Neurotransmitters. Once again let me remind you that the gut is called the second brain and one of the neurotransmitters that it produces is called serotonin (it is estimated that it produces 80-90%) which is responsible mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory, AND SEXUAL DESIRE & SEXUAL FUNCTION.

Fam I hope I don't have to say anymore. Now I know you are probably wondering what else can I do to get my gut right. Much of this information is covered during our 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, which is free, and you get an incredible discount on "That Ambrosia". We will go more in depth in our coming Self Mastery/Warrior training which will take place over a 21 week period.

For more Information Click This link

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Gina Gee Project- Fidget Spinner & Tricks

Peace FAM:
Gina Gee and tha Mosh are at it again. This time they are sharing their fidget spinners that they received from their grandmother. Gina starts off the video by chasing her little sister away from the video camera and then gets into doing her tricks with the fidget spinner. My kids appear to enjoy the spinners, but I strongly suggest that they keep them at home rather than bring them to school. I have notices that they are big distraction in the classroom, especially the ones with the lights.
I allow my Gina and the crew to use them in the car and the house. The spinner helped keep a little confusion down in the car especially since everyone has their own. Now I can't wait to see what the next fad will be. Hopefully this time I can get Gina Gee & Shasha Mosh a head of the curve, but they are new at this video production thing.
Gina request that those that take the time to watch and read this post help her get up to 3000 views and likes, now I don't believe in  crushing my children's dreams, so we will do what we can to push her to her number. I don't know where she got 3000 from, but "from the mouth of babes" prophesies can flow.
I hope that you are enjoying the videos, but I as ask that if you have children share with them. There is room on YouTube for more young people to do "there thing", Gina and Shasha have been playing with making videos for a while now, and I finally decided to stop fighting it and let them create, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I only expect for my two ladies to get better, and to want to get involved in the editing. I believe that the best way to learn something is by doing it, and I can teach them math, writing, acting, story telling, reading analytics and etc.. Better yet I can let them learn it themselves because they have an interested. We need to learn to encourage our kids to find things that they like and to try them, even if they fail, because in failure the ultimate lessons are learned. Checkout the video and let her and Tha Mosh know what you think. By the way we will be adding some more young people to the project as well, so stay tuned.

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