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Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future

  Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future In a world where words often lose their meaning amidst the noise, "Honor" stands tall, embodying a profound truth that resonates deeply within the soul of our community. As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, it's essential to return to the roots that define us, leveraging the timeless principles of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice to forge a path forward. This exploration isn't just about understanding a concept; it's about redefining our collective destiny through the lens of integrity and truth. As a community committed to empowerment and personal growth, we dive deep into the essence of Honor—dissecting its impact on our lives and our interactions with each other. This isn't just an article; it's a manifesto for those ready to embody the true meaning of Honor in their lives, propelling our tribe towards unprecedented heights of unity and strength. The Core of Honor: H

Facing my ignorance

First off I must apologize to those Black men who have received a felony in life. I know that I did not help you commit the crime that you are now serving time for in and out of prison, but I must take my responsibility for my view of your Journey. For a long time I have blamed you exclusively for your actions, but do to some new information that I have received, I have to apologize. I like may people in America has sat by silently while you have been shuffled into a 2nd and 3rd class citizenship. Here is where my ignorance forced on me by fear comes in. I have been suckered into the belief that you alone are responsible for your station in life. After listening to the “New Jim Crow”, I can see the traps that were laid for you and that I have overlooked not because I couldn't see it, but because it was convient to look the other way. Although I have been active in my community locally and nationally I have never sounded the alarm that you were under attack. I have not truly looked

The True Believer

"Remember that Great Minds talk about Ideas and Solutions, Good Minds talk about events, but Suckas talk about people. Which category do you fit in" Brother ha2tim I just was blessed today with a gift. This gift is rare in this day and time, at least for me. It was a conversation about ideas. The talk started out as a 5 minute checkin but was transformed into a 2 hour tour de force of ideas. The central theme was success within an organization and in life. The one point that kept coming out was being able to become and develope true believers. Wiithout belief all things fall apart. When we look at all succesful organizations and people we see at the core a belief that holds the people and the individual on course. Belief is the one thing that seperate the great and the not so great. Those who as individual or as an organization that are succesful are those who practice a belief in themselves and/or a goal. This belief sustains them in the hungry seasons of life, and gives

Allow Happiness to Find You

Sitting preparing for my show I can't help but to feel blessed. I have been living my life fully for the last few years. I have been able to support myself and still continue doing the things that I love. This simple idea becomes important after talking with others who seem to be stuck some where they don't want to be. One thing that I have learned from my short time on this planet is that the grass is green every where you are. You can look across the fence and think that someones life is going better, but believe,  they have their own problems. You will never find happiness by measuring where you are in your life by looking at where you think you should be, or to what others have or maybe what they have accomplished. Happiness begins for us when we can be thankful for what we have where we are. I have made a determined effort to manifest this fact in my life.  One thing that always brings this idea alive for me is when I am looking at my babies or talking to my older child


What happened to the desire to learn? Where has it gone in our youth, and most of our adults? I have the pleasure of talking to youth and adults on daily basis, and appears that a majority of them have know desire to receive new information. could it be that all the media has made people feel that they have no need to learn. All they have to do is look something up on their smart phone. I would be satisfied if I witnessed this going on more but I don't. Now I must state this is simply my observation and i am sharing it because I am looking for someone out there that can encourage me by stating that they are around a majority of friends, family, a students that are out in the world trying to learn and share new information. I am seriously wondering if we have spent so much time boosting self esteem that we have some how killed the curiosity. Learning takes some form of humbleness, in fact humbleness is one of the first steps to learning and being receptive to learning. have we tur

FreeStyle Fridays and Music

good news for those that checkout my shows. On my shows that are done through the computer i will begin adding music to the show. I will be playing stuff that unless you are music buff you may never hear. I have been searching my Pandora for old and new cuts that help me think and I think some of the songs you will love. They will not be from the radio, they will be shelved and mixed up so you are liable to here a eclectic mix that will make you want to dance, cry, and may even make you angry that I played that shit. This the next evolution for the work that I have been doing and I hope you enjoy. Nuff said Peace and 1hunidyears


I was thinking about Americas fascination with zombies. I wonder why they seem like the rage of the times. There is zombie shows and movies popping up everywhere, and I cant help but to wonder why? Is the American public enjoying the idea of mindless, twits running around with a bottomless hunger that can never be satisfied. Is subconsciously taking a look at its self in these fantasies. Hell, as i was driving to work I swear a saw a few zombies walking to their nest.  Shit we seem at least to me to be living in a post or maybe current apocalyptic time, in which people are being infected with a mental virus that catapults them into a zombie state. I have witnessed many occasions in which people have shut there thinking off and acted as zombie. I myself am guilty of this shit that I am describing. Christmas is approaching and watch some of the shit the masses do in the name of this holiday. Zombies are not on the TV or in movie theaters they exist among us, and sometimes are us. When

Movie to Smoke On- Sherlock Holmes

I happen to be chilling in columbus at the Shi-Sha Lounge on north high street, and to my pleasent surprise it is movie night. They show movies every Tuesday night, and tonight they have Shelock Holmes staring Robert Downey jr.. It is a good mix hell i can here all the conversations and watch the movie. Most importantly I can smoke a hookah, but is kind of hard to type my blogs, but where there is a will there is away. For those who have not seen the new rendition of Sherlock Holmes it is excellent. They keep the brilliance of Sherlock, but they complement him with a just as brilliant Watson, unlike the old movies I use to watch. They are showing the second movie in the series and unfortunately Sherlock meets his match by running across professor Moriarity. The movie is full of action and keeps your attention and at least makes me want to see more movies added to this series. I give it 1.75 Gye-Nyame Thumbs up. I will move it to 2 thumbs when they bring out another movie. Check ou

Rappers' Brains: Relaxed 'Executive Function' May Enable Freestyle Raps

Is it just me or do scientist try to make things more complicated than it really is. The fact is that anything that we do on a regular basis becomes a habit. When things become habit we know longer needed the frontal cortex to be involved. We develop habits to help us survive, habits allow us to do things without putting conscious thought into the process which give us the ability to do it automatically and free the frontal cortex to do other things. For example when you drive for years you know longer have to think about all the steps involved and you can focus on other things like drinking coffee, talk on the phone and still be able to adjust to changes on the road we are driving down. True rappers practice their skill on the mic and is able to create on the spot because they have applied themselves to the practice and experiences that are necessary to be a freestyle MC. There is no abnormality about it. It is the simple fact of practice, practice and more practice. I experience the

Salute to Nommo X

I have to start this by saluting the men who have blazed a path in my life. I will do this in order and then I will dive in to this tribute. First I have to give shots out to my grandfather Cleven Brown who taught me to care and take care of my family (RIP). Next in line I have to say thank you to the person who this article is about Nommo X. Nommo then introduced me to Dr. Moriba Kelsey the founder of APDS, and the Tawi Village. Through Dr. Kelsey and Nommo I met Dr. Lewis Dodley entrepreneur and the Baba of the Simba Nation. Through Baba Dodley I was introduced to Gaylord Thomas. These men have shaped me through the fire of their love into who I am today. You may never hear about these men but they are in my pantheon of greatness. When I needed fatherly guidance each of these men gave it to me in their own way. Nommo X was a historian, warrior, entrepreneur, and a all around great man. He was a mentor that accepted you where you were and helped moved you to where you needed to be.

Against All Odds- Preston J. Harrison

 Against All Odds Destiny surrenders born as an underdog, I was raised by a giant to learn to see through the fog. The coast was always guarded and sometimes would be clear for hope , faith and dreams could only come but very near. I looked around and found no one I could resemble, none just like me truly trying hard to be so nimble. I kept my dream a secret though my ambition told them all. My mouth kept shut, my eyes wide open to see those before me fall. "Not my fate ", I told myself as others claimed they heard me say. I declared my life my own then out on faith I made my way. Preston J. Harrison

New Paradigm

The power to change the world is in you!! You might need to be bold!!! Stop trying to hide your light!!! Don't be scared push the key!!!

Moving to a New Year and a New View

We are down to the last few months of the year, and now is the time to begin developing our selves for what is to come. To help those on the Journey I will begin making the "Player's Pyramid" series from my radio show available again. I will begin dropping links so that you don't have to search through the archives. I will first begin with the 7 tools needed in the process and then we will move into the Principles. For those that want to use the book to follow along I will also provide the link to my page where you can purchase it. Thank you for another spectacular year and I will share with you soon. The First Tool  - the radio broadcast Here is the link for the book: "The Player's Pyramid" For those that would like to join  the conversation about this book and information presented in it here is a link:   Player's Pyramid

The Legend of the Leaf

 This is for those that are looking for a challenge. This legend was created during the UGRR days and has persisted throughout all of the incarnations of the family. It was designed to help the members stay in shape, and also develop their focus. In the early days the family would go to the woods at least 4 times a year and walk through them. We would admire the changing quality of nature. The four times would be during the beginning of each season. We would walk until we hit our tribal center at the banks of Nile (OlentanGYE river). On the way back this exercise was developed. This particular exercise was done best in fall. During this seasons leaves fall at random and if you paid attention you would be able to catch one. In this simple exercise you would have to be open and aware of your environment. As a leaf started falling toward the earth you would to have to focus on the one you were going to catch and pursue it. Don't be fooled catching a falling leaf is not as easy as