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Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future

  Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future In a world where words often lose their meaning amidst the noise, "Honor" stands tall, embodying a profound truth that resonates deeply within the soul of our community. As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, it's essential to return to the roots that define us, leveraging the timeless principles of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice to forge a path forward. This exploration isn't just about understanding a concept; it's about redefining our collective destiny through the lens of integrity and truth. As a community committed to empowerment and personal growth, we dive deep into the essence of Honor—dissecting its impact on our lives and our interactions with each other. This isn't just an article; it's a manifesto for those ready to embody the true meaning of Honor in their lives, propelling our tribe towards unprecedented heights of unity and strength. The Core of Honor: H

Warrior Training- 5-30-15

I have finally found a way to allow people to comment and participate in our warrior training, feel free to join our hangout:

Black Woman, You Can Never Be As Beautiful As A white woman

I know that some will not even read this post, and I understand. It is hard to be hit by the truth. Some will argue before and may even throw insults, and  I understand that as well. For those that will take the time to read what I am trying to say I thank you in advance. This idea was spawned as I was going threw Aesop fables. Aesop dropped some powerful wisdom for those with "Ears to hear, and eyes to see". Aesop had quite a few fables about animals that had an identity crisis. A powerful example of this is the story entitled "The Raven and the Swan" (check out the story on my YouTube Channel, and push that Subscribe as well). I believe that most people do not know where or when they are. Let me explain, Black Women we are in the heart of a western imperialistic system. At this point and time we are at the height of this systems power. The idea that keeps this system in motion are and were generated in the minds of white men, and given birth out of the womb

FreeStyle Friday Hangout

Of course tonight we will turn on the mic and see what happens. Hope to see you in the hangout: See you at 10pm

Tribal Quote- Day 50

Here is the link to the proverbs we will be covering: And here is the hangout see you at 10pm:

Folktales For Grown Folks- Hangout Broadcast

On this podcast we will be discussing the "The Ass & His Master", although it sounds pornagraphic it is not. This is an Aesop fable, and an ass is horse like animal. Aesop used the ass as a metaphor for a dim witted person and you can find many of his tales using this animal. Here is  the hangout see you at 10pm:

Excited about Tonights Podcast 5-22-15

Hope to hear form some of yall tonight. Let's get together and build, It's Nation Time. So here you go.