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Breaking Free: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Power

 Breaking Free: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Power Breaking Free Peace, Power, and Joy to my Family! It’s your brother ha2tim, here to light up that path from the shadows of doubt to the sunshine of self-belief. Today’s vibe? We’re tackling that inner chatter, flipping the script from those nagging negative loops to empowering, positive affirmations that elevate our spirit and guide us toward our true greatness. In this digital age, where the battlefield is as much in our minds as in the world around us, it's easy to get caught up in the undercurrents of negativity. But why settle for survival mode when we're meant to thrive? Let’s dive deep into transforming our mental game, moving from defense to offense in the arena of life. Recognizing the Power of Negative Loops Our brilliant minds, designed to protect us, can sometimes get stuck replaying the worst scenarios. This old-school survival tactic, while once crucial, now often holds us back from embracing the joy and

Malcolm X Festival 2020

Join us this year in helping support the "Malcolm X Festival". In order to for us to build up our festival into what it should be we have to come to the community to ask you and ask for your support. When you give to us (we are asking for $20 ) we will return the favor by sending you at least $50 worth of digital products. Let's work together and move toward greatness. Just click the link below and donate. We ask you to like and share this link with your family and friends. Support Our Efforts

Brother Bonotchi Montgomery Is Coming To Columbus

Come on out and join the Family. Remember seating is limited so make sure you get there early. Saturday's (Kuumba's) event cost $10 and includes lunch. Hope to see you there: