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Breaking Free: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Power

 Breaking Free: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Power Breaking Free Peace, Power, and Joy to my Family! It’s your brother ha2tim, here to light up that path from the shadows of doubt to the sunshine of self-belief. Today’s vibe? We’re tackling that inner chatter, flipping the script from those nagging negative loops to empowering, positive affirmations that elevate our spirit and guide us toward our true greatness. In this digital age, where the battlefield is as much in our minds as in the world around us, it's easy to get caught up in the undercurrents of negativity. But why settle for survival mode when we're meant to thrive? Let’s dive deep into transforming our mental game, moving from defense to offense in the arena of life. Recognizing the Power of Negative Loops Our brilliant minds, designed to protect us, can sometimes get stuck replaying the worst scenarios. This old-school survival tactic, while once crucial, now often holds us back from embracing the joy and

The Adventures of Brother ha2tim - Shit is not working

I am a few days behind and it is hard work trying to live with a camera, and a gimbel in your hand. This was Kujichagulia, and we are finishing up moving. I am running into a lot of equipment problems, but we will survive. Stat tuned, and we will be launching our site soon. Be on the lookout for GNJ.Media.

The Adventures of Brother ha2tim - Lights & Money

I'm getting my light together in the Black Cave, and Brother Ayinde is helping me out. We run into a few complications, but like Gye-Nyame men we work it out. Check us an get on this adventure.

The Adventures Of Brother ha2tim "Weekend Move"

Sorry it took me so long to put this together , but it is 3 days days worth of clips. The subject was supposed to be down sizing but I never really got a chance to discuss it. But it seems that my whole life is in a down sizing. Checkout the video, and follow along as we do our thing over here in GNJMedia land.

Greens, Streaming, New Camera Gimbal, Greens & Fish on Nia, Adsence and $3 an Hour

Great day Fam: Today we talk about taking over the Green market, argue with my gimbal, look at how we can actual take some action to take control of the green market here in Columbus. I believe we need to start with our Tribes & village. If we come together around one idea I believe that others will follow. Some of our ventures I believe are misguided because we want to touch the world before we touch the hood. Lastly I am struggling trying to understand internet marketing, how to do digital ads. I talk about a goal of making $3-5 per hour, and you have to watch to understand what I mean. I will see you tomorrow.

Vlog 72220-4

Peace FAM: Here todays vlog. I am trying to build a habit around these short episodes. Today I cover: *Our New site *Reaching for 100 supporters *Fresh greens from Urban Gems

Vlog 721204

I needed to start updating our site, so rather than writing I am going to start dropping short videos, also non as vloging. Today I walk you through MCS garden, try  to use our new osmo 3 and talk about the future of  GNJMedia