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Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future

  Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future In a world where words often lose their meaning amidst the noise, "Honor" stands tall, embodying a profound truth that resonates deeply within the soul of our community. As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, it's essential to return to the roots that define us, leveraging the timeless principles of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice to forge a path forward. This exploration isn't just about understanding a concept; it's about redefining our collective destiny through the lens of integrity and truth. As a community committed to empowerment and personal growth, we dive deep into the essence of Honor—dissecting its impact on our lives and our interactions with each other. This isn't just an article; it's a manifesto for those ready to embody the true meaning of Honor in their lives, propelling our tribe towards unprecedented heights of unity and strength. The Core of Honor: H

Sugar Bear and Gigi

There is an evil rumor about my youngest daughter looking like Sugar Bear, tell me what you think:

Baby Cart Assassin vs. Highbanks

Yesterday the Baby Cart and the Assassin was whooped on, by the hills of Highbanks metro park. Although there were some beautiful sites like a snake crawling down a tree after hunting for birds, or seeing the Bald Eagle in it's nest. I simply was not ready to be lugging my kids up and down those hills. Now I have set my sites on mastery highbanks, and all she has to teach me about endurance and nature. My children enjoyed themselves but victory fell from my grasp as I had to cut my run short after what seemed the 8th hill. I shall return to complete my mission.

Life (can't remember whether i posted this or not)

Life is a river/ Flowing around obsticles/ Seeking out the sea/ This life is a blessing and we must embrace it. We must learn to embrace the flow knowing that in the end we will end up in the sea. What is the sea? The sea is simply the source from which we all came from. The sea is our reward for the course we have taken. Sometimes we have to flow around obsticles, other times we have to smash through them, but at all times we have to keep the end in mind. If not we can get trapped in the flow of events. Rivers must flow and stay in motion or they will go stagnent and kill everything that is around them.