Saturday, January 23, 2021

Criminal Justice - Ha2ku by ha2tim


Friday, January 22, 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Race Ganes


Great Ujima again


Great Ujma

It is Nation Time !!

Trying to get my mind right, so that I I

can focus on the work at hand. my mind

Continues to dritf to the issue that surround me. I close my eyes & take my breath, but each time I reopen my eyes

I'm surrounded with mess,

Peace Fam:

Just testing out a new toy to

see if it will boost my creativity, Right

now I am working on a "Rocket Book,

According to the description I can literally

use this notebook forever. I can just pen

my thoughts like in the old days & save

them in the cloud. Because I can

Save them as a Jpeg, I can use this

little book to post on all my platforms.

It is something satisfying about putting

pen to paper & writing, and this is

what the Rocket Book is supposed

Give back to me. From this page

I can just post up & share with the world. Those that want to know what I'm saying can struggle to read, those that don't cool! I plan to work with this for a few weeks & see if this can help me get back

the pages of my Blog

Great Ujima

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to get your account

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Wow a handwritten Blog -

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

From GNJ.Media To Kwanzaa365.Media

Peace Fam:

I am leaning to play with my new toy so if you want to stress your eyes Checkout this post:


Join the Tribe

Daily Toast Ujima 1202-5

 Peace Fam:

We made it to another day, which means that we have another chance. another chance to seek out our Principles, and the principle of the day is Ujima. Ujima stands for collective work & responsibility, take some time out and seek out this principle. It is floating out there waiting to be discovered, and used. Find it and empower yourself and your Tribe. 

Tribe is a term that if you have been listening or reading anything that I have created in the last 5-10 years, that is heavily used. The term Tribe speaks to me in a way that no other word in our lexicon does. Tribe is an ancient concept, and for human beings I believe that it is necessary. Tribes function to bring large groups of people together so that they can work together to survive, live and eventually thrive. Tribe like anything else can be missed used, and become destructive, but this reflects more on the group than upon the concept. If a group of thieves came together and formed a tribe, then the central theme of that tribe would theft. You should nothing else. The idea of Tribe is a reflection of the user of the idea and will magnify what the creators intent is. This is why in Gye-Nyame we talk about a Tribe using the term accountability group, that is why we form our Tribe around the Principles of the Nguzo Saba, The story of Gye, and other ideas that move our members to move toward their personal greatness. The Tribe provides (or should provide) certain protections and reminders that helps the member move toward their greater self. For me this is Ujima in action, and I hope that you have a healthy Tribe to belong too.

That's all I got today:

Be sure to Join us on the Daily Toast we usually start on the weekdays (Umoja to Nia) between 6:45 & 7:00am. On the weekends you have to catch me when you can!!!


Brother ha2tim 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Daily Toast Time Kujichagulia 11921-5

Peace Fam: It's been a long time and I just decided to stop in on the blog and do a little writing. If you only knew how many articles I have in the back room of this blog. I try to write but speaking seems to come so much easier, but I will attempt to hit this post up a little more regularly. This page is where everything started for me and I am grateful to all those who spent any time on my blog. See you soon, I have to get to the show. Tune in over at GNJ.Media now Known Kwanzaa365.Media BOTH URL'S WORK. Stop in and get yourself an account and let's keep building.