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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Ra rising

We caught the ritual and had a great conversation with Elder West about the ritual, and some things to watch out for in the future.


Friday, June 9, 2017

Let's Talk About The Life Force - Daily Toast Ujamaa 68171

Peace FAM:
You hear me use the term axe' (also written ase', ache'), now is the times for us to build on this concept. Let's talk about this all present life force that coonnects us to everything. This force once it is plugged into will heal us, prolong our lives and attract what we need into our life. Our ancestors recognized this power and called it different things in different cultures, but they all agree that when we learn to control it, we are capable of miraculous things.
We have to look deep into this force, and learn to use it to help us in our quest for Peace, Power, and Joy. So tune in family and let's build.
Nuff Said
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears
Axe' Axe' Axe'