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Journey cont.....

Life sometimes throws curves/ We have to do our best to/ stay open to catch/ I was expecting to have a regular computer by now but I am adjusting and will be dropping guerrilla post for you to read. So hang in their with me and send a tweet to the cyber gods for me. hahahaa. I have a lot of new stuff for you in the blogs as well as the radio show. I just have not the time to upload and create. Pictures and interviews from Simba, Radio interviews with the founders of OXYwater and Brother J of the X-Clan. So get ready. I have also met my obligation of my meditation experiment and I will let you know about the results. Hell hopefully you will share with me. Because some of you should have been meditating with me, but I have discovered some excellent information that I will share. so hold on. Nuff said Stay woke peace& 1hunid years

That She Does (FBK edit) | DJ daleford chad

Image via Wikipedia Here some more late night surfing and blogging music from the World famous Dj Daleford Chadbourne. There are rumors floating around that he is a super secret spy for some secret agency and Dj's to re leave the stress and pressure of saving the world. So Mr. Chadbourne we at the Journey salute you. That She Does (FBK edit) | DJ daleford chad

Support the Journey

Image via Wikipedia Support the Journey/ If you can't buy book or tip/ At least click an add/ Sitting at my youngest sun's graduation, showing my support. Thinking about kicking myself for even thinking of missing this day for work. The "bottom line" and work will always be there, but days like this for my son are not repeatable. The funny part is that I decided to steal a few minutes after getting him ready to drop a blog about support. Thanks for reading the journey and checking in everyday. Hope that it is helping you through your day. In the same way the Journey needs you. Support the work that we do by purchasing a book, leaving a tip, a comment, or just click an ad. When you do this you make it easier for members of Gye-Nyame to focus and bring you quality updates, news, stories, quotes, and proverbs. So help us by purchasing, tipping, or clicking.... Nuff said Peace & 1hunidyears Stay woke Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8