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Till we meet again

I havent poured a libation since you left, My tears are the testament of the sorrow that I feel, and pray they will push you threw. These are the tears of a selfish man. For they are not for you but for the empty space left by your living this life. But we will meet again Your life has etched the map for me to follow to the ultimate place of rest, and i am grateful for the time we spent and i glance at the picture of you holding and now I hold your memory as tightly. I wont and cant say goodbye, lets just part and say till we meet again....

Final Goodbye II- Running from grief

Today Pepa died/ Should I be happy for him/ or sad for my lost?/ Thursday morning June 28, 2012 9:08am: Sitting at my desk preparing for the day. It is going to be busy with all of the Yoking classes I have this afternoon so I decided to get busy on this back log of paperwork sitting on my desk. While sitting there I decided to complete my podcast of the "6th tool". Phone rings, and I look at caller ID, and feeling of dread hits me. It is my mother calling, and I'm hoping that she does not have bad news to report about my grandfather: ha2tim: "What's up? Mother: "where you at?" ha2tim: " I'm at the office, why what's up?" Mother: Well I was looking for your wife, I called and she didn't pickup." ha2tim:" Well you know she never answer the phone." We laugh.... Mother: " Well I wanted to go by and pickup Gina (my youngest daughter), cause you know she tickles daddy." I get qui

The Final Goodbye

We enter this life/ as flesh and bone on a quest/ final prize is death/ "As i stood over his bed looking down on him, i was at a lost of words. How do you say goodbye when you truly know that you may never see someone again in this life?" Although this may sound like a chapter out of a book. This is a true experience that many of us go through. With ageing parents and grand parents. How do we say goodbye to the pillars of our lives? These people who may have provided you with the foundation to become the beautiful person you are today. I am in this very situation myself.  My Grandfather appears to be in between worlds. His body seems to be slowly decaying and shuting down on him, and his mind and memory are gone. "He reaches out to the empty air grabbing or pointing at something that is not there and his breathing is heavy and rattles likes and childs toy." I cant help but remember this man as he was but the reality of where he is slaps me in the face. Sho

Food for Thought

A spiral staircase inside one of the Vatican Museums (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Excellent video, just thought I would share some of my lunch. hopefully you can feast on the information given and use it on your journey. Go and organize....hahahahaaa Jonathan Haidt: Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence | Video on : 'via Blog this'