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Change in the Journey's Podcast

Beginning with my next live broadcast I will add Google+ hangouts to the broadcast. I have been experimenting with the idea, and will launch it on my next live broadcast. The idea is to provide video and another way to interact with my audience. The show will  broadcast on youtube  and allow the listener to respond immediately as well as participate in my experiment with emergence. The listener will be able to send direct messages as well as share their thoughts on the shows notepad. The idea is to have people  share insights disappointments, ideas, discussion points and etc. with the entire audience. Everyone that checks into the hangout will be able to use the notepad and leave their mark on the show. The one negative is that i will have to mute myself from the discussion. I will be able to hear (maybe), but I will not be able to speak while the show is running.  Because I will be broadcasting over Youtube there is no limit to how many people can tune in and participate, but to g