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The Black Woman Public Enemy #1 - Daily Toast Kujichagulia 66171

"All warfare is based on deception" Sun Tzu Peace FAM: Once again I greet you in Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears. I know that many will read the title and come on the page looking for me to go on the attack, since everywhere we look online the Black woman is our oppenent, but you will not get that here, especially today. I chose to start this post of with the Sun Tzu quote, to put it clearly in your mind that we are at war, and if war is about deception then we have to watch the world to see how we are being attacked. Now for years we have thought the Black man was under the gun in America. We have the statistics to prove it, but I want to take some time and question this idea, especially in the light of the quote that is hanging over this whole post. The keyword that I need you to focus on is, deception. How do we know that we are not being deceived by all the information that is being gathered on the plight of the Black man. I know that this may rub some of my

FolkTales For Grown Folks - The Wolf & The Goat

Peace FAM: I would share the video from my Youtube but the Picture qulaity is not that good so here is the footage from FB. Checkout the show and let me know what you think, and remember "These Folktales aren't just for kids". Get the wisdom and "Let's Build!!!"

Unity- Lesson from Aesop

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