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Friday, January 25, 2013

Game Changers- 1Hood

Now, I knew that my brothers +jasiri X and +Paradise Gray were in Pittsburgh NationBuilding, but to see the video shines a long needed light on the work that they have been doing. These brothers have moved the concept of hood media to another level. By setting up an academy that arms young people with media and the skills to control their images, they have empowered a generation of thinkers that will definitely have a say in the direction are communities go in.
I only hope other youth groups embrace the model and begin to use media to build the images that they want to see rather than be victims to the images that are being produced for them and the world to see. Media is the new front lines and I salute 1Hood for building our Special Forces.
checkout the video:
Watch "Game Changers: The One Hood Media Academy" on YouTube

Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Capoeria a model for new world

Capoeira in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina,...Image via Wikipedia

Play capoeria/
And with each Roda watch life/
Change before your eyes/

Being blessed to have been involved with capoeria, I have a model of life that works for me. Capoeria is an art that teaches you how to play rather than fight. Don't get me wrong you learn to defend yourself, but the vibe is different from other martial arts. In capoeria you view conflict differently, by you making it a game you are more willing to try new things. In trying new things the art becomes you as you develop your style of play.
This feeling , this idea can't help but to come into your regular life. Your life begins to become your roda (ring were we play) and you are constantly in the game. Knowing the rules of the roda or life makes the game more spectacular as you do your moves, and take advantage of what is being given to you. i had to recently look at my life and remeber my training. Some time when life seems to become overwhelming I have to take advantage of the rules of the roda. In capoeria when your opponent gets the best of you or get you cornered you can always brake away and get to the top of the roda to start the cycle off again. This gives you time to get your bearings, and plot a startegy that will, if not get you a victory at least save face. In life we have to do the same. Some time the oppenents we meet in the roda of life seem unbeatable. what we have to do is take a break, give ourselves time to get our bearings, and then come back into the roda (life) fighting.
When you develop this type of reference points for life it makes playing the game a lot easier. I stress game, because although it can be serious this life is nothing but GAME...( commercial for one of my books....PLAYER'S PYRAMID)

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
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