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Thank you Hip Hop- Ha2ku

Image via Wikipedia Hip Hop or hip-hop/ Which one do you represent/ Culture or coperate/ Had to change title/ Embracing my Hip Hop roots/ That inspired growth/ "Never judge a book by its cover", is what I was always told, but it seems that is exactly what's happening to Hip Hop. There are a lot of attacks that are being launched on this culture . i know i just probably pissed some of you off again by calling Hip Hop a culture, but that is what it is. I want go into the scientific , or anthropological definitions to prove my point, because if I have to do that then this is not the article for you. I just had to finally share what Hip Hop means to me and what it has done in my life. The thought hit me after I was viewing some You Tube videos, and there were good commentary, and then there was the other. the internet is full of experts and I try to respect them all, but what gives people the right to look at one piece in a puzzle and then define the