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7 Week #NguzoSabaChallenge

We are proud to announce the launch of our new #NguzoSabaChallenge training program. We have been working hard over here to bring forth this revolutionary training program. Learn everything we know about building a successful tribe as well as learn how to be part of one. Ground yourself with daily rituals, learn the importance of ceremonies. Find out about the 5 parts of your being and how to align them, and plug into ancestral knowledge. Become a Tribe builder and work your way through the Gye-Nyame Initiation process, and become a more powerful warrior, a more focused Nation Builder, or an enlightened Elder. Develop a relationship with our culture, learn to embrace and live the Nguzo Saba and join us in conquering first ourselves, and then the world. Next session will begin on May 30 2022. Reserve your spots because they are going fast. Click the link to learn more

Demari Faust on Gye-Nyame Journey radio

Had an excellent interview with one of columbus's finest artist. It is good to find young artist who really embrace Hip-Hop tradition. In the interview we discuss the path that he has walked and he dropped some jewels for those who have ears. So take a coffee brake and listen his and other interview on my spreaker radio show Gye-Nyame journey. Nuff said Peace & 1hunid years

3 levels of learning

Levels of learning/ There are three within our tribe/ Memory,mind,heart/ In the Gye-Nyame Tribe we focus on 3 levels of learning. The idea is that if we can explain the process of learning, at least the way we see it, this will make it easier for those involved to not only learn the information they need for our Tribe, but it will make life long learning a lot easier. These levels of learning were stumble upon by watching the growth of many organizations and individuals over 20 year period. The first level memorization is the building block for the next 2 levels. This is where we take in new information and become familiar enough with it to answer basic questions. The goal is to learn the information verbatim. We also use a scribing method to help with this part of the process. I have personally witness this simple method boost the confidence and information level of people in my Tribe, and in the many other organizations that proceeded it. After the information has been dig