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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

From Intermittent Fasting To Prolonged Fasting

Peace Fam:
I am on day 3 of my detox fast. I am of course drinking "That Ambrosia", "That Ambrosia Vinagar", "That Ginseng Ambrosia", water, chloroxygen, coconut oil, red palm oil, and coconut water. I feel good, and I feel the process of renewal. I really don't know how long I am going to do this fast, but i am at the point where the fast begins to be all down hill. After 3 days of fasting I usually feel that I am able to go for another 3-4 days. My goal is to give my entire body time to reset, and to remember what it means to be hungry. I want to be able to harness that feeling and apply it to my videos, podcast, and writing. I have found that I am not hungry I just want to eat, and I had a few close calls. This is a true test of my Kujichagulia, so let's see how far I can take it.
It is good to get out of our comfort zone, and eating has always been a comfort for me. Food has always been availiable to me. So to be around my kids and friends throwing down is a humbling experience. My self talk clicks in and starts telling me that i always over do shit. But after reading about those worms, I have to move to take my body back. I believe their is a direct relationship between where I am in my life, and some of the parasites that are resting in my gut. Of course I have done things like "That Ambrosia" to help with gut health, but now we head to the next level.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Intermittent Fasting - Daily Toast Imani 528171

Peace FAM:
As usual we start off with the toast that goes on for a while, because I go into one of my rants about the importance of entrepreneurship in our community. I took time to salute my sister Ayisha for her creation of Almillikah Hair & Body Butter (visit her site for more info). I have been saying that one of the major businesses that we need to take over in our communities is the "Ash business", there is no other group that uses as much lotion as we do and we need to stop purchasing these types of products from others. we need to turn this product into an engine for economic growth. If we just capture this one industry we would possibly create hundreds if not thousands of jobs, create trade relationships with African countries, and have money circulating in our community. We must remember that money is the blood of a community. As long as the blood is flowing in the body (community), the body is healthy, but if for some reason blood begin to flow rapidly out of the body (community), that means the community is wounded and if it does not stop the free flow it will eventually die. I hope you get the analogy.
The main topic today was the power of intermittent fasting. We discuss 10 evidenced based health benefits of this practice. I also share my use of it and how it has helped. Tune in get the information, do your own research and make up your own mind. For those that have taken the 21Day Nguzo Saba Challenge you have the option of following the Warrior Diet. If you do I would suggest that you ease into by possibly eliminating meals. For instance, try going a few days without breakfast. If you can make it to lunch then slowly start to move your lunch time back an hour at a time. So if you eat lunch at 12 then move it to 1pm and so on until you finally hit your mark of only eating within a 3-5 hour period. Now you also can pick when your chow time is, don't get rigid. Some may want to start their day off with a meal, and fast till the next day, others may want to do afternoons. I chose to eat during the evenings, and on some days I shift my window so that i can have meals with my family. This fast is not a punishment it is designed to increase Peace, Power, and Joy in your life.
I also discuss the myth of getting weak when we are hungry. I believe what we are feeling is our body detoxing, and in a detox you can feel a little weak, light headed, have to go to the bathroom, and etc.. Plus I also believe that it is all mental, our bodies and our minds like regular patterns, and we become uncomfortable when a pattern is broken. When we look at nature it would be ass backwards for an animal to get weak when it got hungry. This would lessen the chances of that species survival. Yes, we may get a little grumpy, but becoming weak is not part of the process. As a matter of fact animals get stronger when they are hungry, and their are also studies that show that humans get more intelligent when they are hungry. All of this information runs contrary to what society tells us, this why I stress doing your own research. Society doesn't benefit from us being healthy for to long, nor does it benefit from us being more intelligent and focused, this society prospers off us being sick and and deem witted.
Nuff Said
I wish Peace, Power, Joy, & 1hunidyears