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The Micro Biome and Other Thangs

 Listen in to this show as we look at the microbiome, proper breathing, and take a deep dive into Gye-Nyame Journey culture. We are building over here, and you are welcome to join us. If you like this information be sure to sign up for our Free Ecourse , to get more engaging content. We are building a better world one Tribe member at a time. Listen to "Old Man Rant - Microbiome and other Thangs" on Spreaker.

Parasites are Everywhere

 We are back on the podcast game, and we are looking at parasites and how they can effect your health. Tune and be sure to send us comments and questions. If you like this be sure to subscribe to our email list and be sure to checkout our Free ecourse. We will help you learn more about yourself, help you plug into your culture and live "The Best Life"... Listen to "Parasites & Our Health" on Spreaker.

Microbiome & Mental Health

  Microbiome & Mental Health Introduction There is no doubt that the Microbiome plays a key role in your physical health. But did you know it can even affect your mental health? While there are still many aspects of the Microbiome that are not understood, we do know that the gut bacteria influence multiple aspects of our mental health, including mood and anxiety. There are several ways to modify your Microbiome, such as eating probiotics and prebiotics, which can positively impact your mood. What is the Microbiome? You may have heard of the microbiome, but you probably don't know what it is. The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that live in your body and the collective genome of all those microorganisms. Microbes are everywhere — on your skin, in your nose and mouth, inside your gut — even in places we haven't looked yet like the mouth or vagina! They're even on other surfaces like shoes or countertops! There are so many tiny living creatures that they out