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Monster by Preston Harrison

     Monster  A  violent outburst of a malicious heart evil intentions manifests in real time beyond immoral outside of crime the murder of youth is outside of my time and outside of space unfathomable of my mind. Destruction of the spirit and torturing of the soul Innocence lost, they were punished by malice but guilty of nothing. Those children were our future left abandoned and vulnerable. They were forced to meet death before ever becoming familiar with life. There lives were brief and stolen by a thief the devil made flesh and in his path was grief. Broken homes and shattered families haunted bedrooms and dreams unfinished at best no justice for the families or the victims laid to rest. Tragedy looms in the hearts of the damned they seek no redemption and only worship pain and suffering. When love is rejected hate is selected these series of events are not random but connected. A trend of sin the madness of mass murder th