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Parasites are Everywhere

 We are back on the podcast game, and we are looking at parasites and how they can effect your health. Tune and be sure to send us comments and questions. If you like this be sure to subscribe to our email list and be sure to checkout our Free ecourse. We will help you learn more about yourself, help you plug into your culture and live "The Best Life"... Listen to "Parasites & Our Health" on Spreaker.

Parasites & Your Health

Parasites & Your Health Peace: Forgive the boring article but once I started doing research on parasites it blew my mind. So get some information that I hope you can use, and be ready because we got more coming this week. Introduction Parasites are everywhere. In fact, there are more parasites in the world than any other kind of organism. They are on all continents, in all oceans. Some parasites are harmless, but many can cause serious harm to humans and animals. Parasitic diseases are widespread. About 70 percent of the world's rural inhabitants live in areas where at least one parasitic disease is common. Malaria kills as many as 2 million people every year. Most parasitic diseases can be prevented with good hygiene and sanitation, but these medical resources are often hard to find in rural areas where infections are most common. Parasites can spread through mosquito bites and contaminated water sources, including drinking water and swimming pools, or by food sources such as