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The Micro Biome and Other Thangs

 Listen in to this show as we look at the microbiome, proper breathing, and take a deep dive into Gye-Nyame Journey culture. We are building over here, and you are welcome to join us. If you like this information be sure to sign up for our Free Ecourse , to get more engaging content. We are building a better world one Tribe member at a time. Listen to "Old Man Rant - Microbiome and other Thangs" on Spreaker.

Parasites & Your Health

Parasites & Your Health Peace: Forgive the boring article but once I started doing research on parasites it blew my mind. So get some information that I hope you can use, and be ready because we got more coming this week. Introduction Parasites are everywhere. In fact, there are more parasites in the world than any other kind of organism. They are on all continents, in all oceans. Some parasites are harmless, but many can cause serious harm to humans and animals. Parasitic diseases are widespread. About 70 percent of the world's rural inhabitants live in areas where at least one parasitic disease is common. Malaria kills as many as 2 million people every year. Most parasitic diseases can be prevented with good hygiene and sanitation, but these medical resources are often hard to find in rural areas where infections are most common. Parasites can spread through mosquito bites and contaminated water sources, including drinking water and swimming pools, or by food sources such as

Dandelion Root & Other Tonics (take control of your life) - Ujamaa Daily Toast 61171

Peace FAM: Of courser you know that if you follow my videos, I am always a day behind with the post. Morning rush catches up with me, and a majority of the stuff that I do is from the heart (except when I am reading to you). It is marvelous that we are growing, I believe that "If it comes fast it don't last, but if it comes slow it's good to go".  I personally believe that as the audience builds we will be able to do great things. As more people begin to read, and take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge , we will build a tribe like no other on the Internet. My goal is to eventually be able to meet with some of my distant family members in workshops, and on my travels. Just the other day I was sitting sleep in the barber chair when a Young man came in and woke me up asking was "I the guy that do the Daily Toast", I couldn't do anything but smile because slowly but surely the message is getting out. The fact of the matter is that we lift our Ancestors up the

Parasites Are Everywhere - Daily Toast Ujima 531171

Peace FAM: We toasted the ancestors in a grand fashion this morning. I Love and Appreciate my FAM coming out and support this daily ritual. We have been doing this since the beginning of the New Year, and have been rolling along. I finally have a platform where I can share what I know, and more importantly what I know. I have to apologize because some days I get caught up, and hit one of my rants, but those that have been rolling with me on GNJ, already know what it is. I feel that "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge", and I am here to challenge that. So Join GNJ, like and subscribe and let's learn and share together. Today I went another tangent about these parasites. I have been freaked out every since I started reading about them, and the many forms that they take. I was also amazed at how many ailments they are connected to. Many of us are suffering needlessly, and taking medical treatments that may be breaking our bodies down. Family I think that it is

Parasitic Invasion- Daily Toast Kujichagulia 530171

Peace FAM: I have the creeps, after doing this research looking into parasites. I am shocked that these little critters effect almost every part of our body. They are even known to influence our choices, as far as food, and even effect our emotions. There are Protozoan parasites that are famous for causing  sickneses like malaria, tapeworms, flukes, roundworms, and the many different varities that each of these bugs come in. They sit inside of us growing off of us causing all forms illness, and now is the tie for you to take control back. In Gye-Nyame Journey I constantly stress that all of the principles we practice start from with in. I guess liberation starts within as well. We have to make major moves to get rid of these critters within us, so that we can focus the energy to take our lives and tribes back. What bothers me the most is that these little bastards inside of us appear to be working for our enemies. They contribute to us eating less vegitables, by making them undesira