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Saturday, June 15, 2013

You Are The Greatest

You are the Greatest/
You just got lost in a maze/
That you created/
The purpose of me writing for the Journey is to add value to  the life of those that read my articles. My goal is to uplift, enlighten as well as to  learn from those who are willing to share. This is a passion for me that I struggle with, but yet it has opened so many doors. I have learned so much over the years that sometimes it rushes out or through me so fast that I can't keep up. I need you to realize that you exist in a paradox. On one hand you are the greatest of creations, and on the other you are less than a speck in the total scheme of things in this universe. When we take time to look at where we are in life we can become overwhelmed. Because we have been placed in a place of utter confusion. These paradoxes we live with can sometimes exhaust those of us who were bold enough to begin walking this Journey. My passion is to help you in this walk. To help solve some of the confusion and to help you elevate yourself to where you should be.
I was once told  by an elder that "we are no higher than a blade of grass and no lower than it's roots", but when you look at the creation in the way I do there is plenty of space between those roots and the top of the grass. As a matter of fact their is an infinite amount of space when you look at the grass from the stand point of fractal geometry (hahahaaa). For me that infinite amount of space is more than enough room for me to grow and become the greatest where I am.
This world will strive to confuse us with material things, and we are supposed to use that as the measuring stick for where we are and who we are, but I'm here to share with you that is a lie. Take some time and just look at yourself from all angles and feel for the Infinite side of you, that higher self that created all of this. Since you are part of the thing that started this universe you also have the right to claim and proclaim your greatness in it. Don't be shy, but I will say be humble. When I really looked at the universe and myself....I mean my true Self I was amazed and that amazement can be yours as well. The paradoxes are tools that we created to remind us ultimately of who we are. Simple stated you are the greatest of all time, but you are no higher than a blade of grass and no lower than its roots.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyear

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Legend of the Leaf

 This is for those that are looking for a challenge. This legend was created during the UGRR days and has persisted throughout all of the incarnations of the family. It was designed to help the members stay in shape, and also develop their focus.
In the early days the family would go to the woods at least 4 times a year and walk through them. We would admire the changing quality of nature. The four times would be during the beginning of each season. We would walk until we hit our tribal center at the banks of Nile (OlentanGYE river). On the way back this exercise was developed.
This particular exercise was done best in fall. During this seasons leaves fall at random and if you paid attention you would be able to catch one. In this simple exercise you would have to be open and aware of your environment. As a leaf started falling toward the earth you would to have to focus on the one you were going to catch and pursue it. Don't be fooled catching a falling leaf is not as easy as it sounds. Also you could not make it fall you had to wait for it to natural come across your path. When you notice it falling you must pursue and if your skill is up to par the leaf will drift into your hand. If not you would leave the woods empty handed.
The legend of this exercise is that the one who caught a leaf would be pursued by fortune. Now the reason that I am writing this blog about it is because I was thinking about the two brothers a have witnessed catching a leaf. That is right I said 2 out of all the people I have worked with. Both of these individuals have lived a life of fortune. One of these individuals can fall into a sewer and come back up with 2 solid gold watches, and the other one can get robbed and end up receiving $50,000 in cash. I can not connect this two unnamed individuals fortune with a falling leaf, but I guess if I could it would not be a legend, it would be a fact. So those of you on the Journey get out and catch your leaf.

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