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Sometimes I get discouraged... I have heard this over and over again in my studies, and being on this Journey, I have  felt it. This feeling can strike at the strangest time, but I like those before me I need to push on. I am in the beginning stages of writing another book. The Idea came to me complete with a title and the first thing that hit me was the feeling that accompanies discouragement and self doubt. The negative question began to hit me from the inside as well as the outside. The book will be about the Journey to success, although I have dealt with this topic in my other books, this book will deal with it more directly and be more universal in scope. The first negative thought hit me and tormented me for the first day, after I put the title on my thinking board (will speak on the "Thinking Board" in an upcoming blog). The question was what gave me the right to write about success? I was embarrassed by the question and images of other people asking me the same questi


Image via Wikipedia Here is an old blog from 11-18-10 discussing spirituality read and then check out my podcast " what is spirituality ". Connection to all/ True spirituality/ Based on relations/ Spirituality is simply about relationships. Managing and maintaining relationships with the living, and those who have made their transition. The four legged, the rocks, the plants, the Earth as an organism, and mother.When we deal with these relationships and humble ourselves and understand that we are "No higher than a Blade of grass, and no lower than its roots", when we strive to feel this connection to all life, and work with it; this my friend is true Spirituality. If a person does not work to cultivate relationships in their life, I dont care how many books they read,how much they know, how many rituals they participate in or even lead. I don't care how many times a week they go to a service, its not spiritual, and the practice of spirituality is not t

What is the Soul

In this podcast I discuss what the Soul is, using modern day metaphors. I invite you to listen, learn, disagree, share, and especially comment. I believe that we spark each other's growth on this Journey so leave me some words what ever they are.  " The Soul "