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Professionalism Vs. Mastery

Are you a professional or a master? At first glance they may appear to be the same but when we look at their roots and motivation they are not. When we take a look at the word "professional" it is a person who practice a skill for a  livelihood .  A "Master" on the other hand is someone who pursues a passion, and develops a great skill  in what they do. Today the problem is that we have to many "pros" and not enough "Masters". A Professional can be driven by purely financial gain. They may not have a love for the art that they practice, they do it because it pays the bills. They may have been forced into their  field by life circumstances, they may have showed some natural skill, or just following a family tradition. The key  ingredient of a "Master" is missing, the love of the art. It is the love that  separates  the Master from the professional  . It is the love of the "Master" that generates advancement in his or her craf