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Final Goodbye II- Running from grief

Today Pepa died/ Should I be happy for him/ or sad for my lost?/ Thursday morning June 28, 2012 9:08am: Sitting at my desk preparing for the day. It is going to be busy with all of the Yoking classes I have this afternoon so I decided to get busy on this back log of paperwork sitting on my desk. While sitting there I decided to complete my podcast of the "6th tool". Phone rings, and I look at caller ID, and feeling of dread hits me. It is my mother calling, and I'm hoping that she does not have bad news to report about my grandfather: ha2tim: "What's up? Mother: "where you at?" ha2tim: " I'm at the office, why what's up?" Mother: Well I was looking for your wife, I called and she didn't pickup." ha2tim:" Well you know she never answer the phone." We laugh.... Mother: " Well I wanted to go by and pickup Gina (my youngest daughter), cause you know she tickles daddy." I get qui