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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Player's Pyramid PDF available on Gumroad

I have finally made the PDF of my book available through, check it out and thank you for supporting the Journey. Just follow the link to get your copy:
The Player's Pyramid

*"The Player's Pyramid" is still available as a book at my bookstore on just click the cover:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your small Majority

I have been podcasting and blogging for a short time, but the lessons still speak loud. So loud that it has forced itself into one of my podcast. Checkout my view on what to look for in order to build a movement. for those who are trying to build their "small majority" I discuss .10%. Check it out let me know what you think.
"Your Small Majority"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Tool In Revolution - Meet Gumroad

Finally business/
that is done on internet/
that makes sense and fair/

I like to introduce those on the Journey to . I was lucky enough to run into this site from a post by one of my internet heroes (Seth Godin). Finally I am seeing ideas that make the internet a truly level playing field. With Gumroad you can sell things directly to your followers and friends. No big institution in-between taking a cut from your labor.I personally sell books off of amazon, and they take almost 50% of what I make. This gives an artist like myself no choice but to raise my price. But with Gumroad on charging .25 cents per purchase now I and other artist can bring our price down so that people who may want to try our product would be more willing to do so. 
For me this has revolutionized the game, and now I'm jumping into the heart of it. Because this site allows me to sell MP3, PDFs, or even seen hardcopies or other objects over the site at a an affordable price. I can make some major changes to how I do business. Prepare for the upcoming changes for the Journey. So get ready to get your hands on my books, stories, and MP3's. By using Gumroad I really will be able to give away my content, but offer those that like what they have the opportunity to pay. I know,I know that sounds crazy and makes no business sense, but I did not get into developing SelfMastery trainings because I wanted money (although to get paid for doing it is nice), I did it because it was a passion that drove me to create. I believe in the few readers and listeners that I have, and even more important I believe in the Universal laws. I know that if what I produce creates value in someones life they will purchase.
Here is a video explaining the concept, check it out and leave comments:
                           An introduction to Gumroad. from Gumroad on Vimeo.

The revolution has begun!!! Thanks Gumroad for giving me Ammo

After looking at what could be done with Gumroad I decided to fire my first shot and release one of my MP3's through them. I also started spreading the word to some my artist friends about  this idea, and encouraging them to use it, before it gets shut down. I don't believe that people truly understand the implications of being able to sale their products at a fair price. Listen the price of production on my end is so low that I can offer my listeners or readers my product at the price they feel they want to pay. I get get my info out as fast as I want. I can write or record a continuous saga and put it up as the audience demands. This is liberation and I am going to make sure that everyone in my circle use it to its fullest.
All of my products will be available for free, and will remain so now because of Gumroad. I will offer the same products for sale so that those that want to support the Journey can do so. It's  a hot concept, now I have a real way of measuring who supports what I do and who is just talking. So come along and enjoy the Journey, and if I help to add value to your life remember support the Journey.

Why SelfMastery?