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M-7 Principle System

This is the principle system that we developed for the "Millennium Community School"

Moving to a New Year and a New View

We are down to the last few months of the year, and now is the time to begin developing our selves for what is to come. To help those on the Journey I will begin making the "Player's Pyramid" series from my radio show available again. I will begin dropping links so that you don't have to search through the archives. I will first begin with the 7 tools needed in the process and then we will move into the Principles. For those that want to use the book to follow along I will also provide the link to my page where you can purchase it. Thank you for another spectacular year and I will share with you soon. The First Tool  - the radio broadcast Here is the link for the book: "The Player's Pyramid" For those that would like to join  the conversation about this book and information presented in it here is a link:   Player's Pyramid


True Passion burns deep within a shallow chest concern for conditions and worry turn to jest i've tasted my potential and seek the very best my reign is early burdened with the plight of others lest my jewels be spread my bread made broken promises fulfilled of old thoughts I've spoken fate no myth,new coin old token dreams made flesh by words I've spoken yield not to fear the old ghost is an illusion he's fiction made fact a campaign of confusion unreal seen real forms spiritual delusion when faith is corrupted by a cowards intrusion Where Love is real no fear can stand No dreams may die on faithful land Thoughts are gold when destiny is grand When Love is real no fear may stand. Preston J. Harrison

Most Popular Podcast - Player's Pyramid Series

for all those that have been following the journey I thank you. for those of you that are new let me take this time and welcome you to the Tribe. I have  been slowly putting out my book "The Player's Pyramid", and now I have been putting together a Podcast based on the system that i developed. For those who would like to follow along I will post all of the information for you to go through and begin your Journey. For all those that want to support the Journey you can purchase the book as a PDF at PLAYER'S PDF  if you want to purchase the paperback click PLAYER'S PAPERBACK  : for  those that want a free peak goto the page listed on this site Player's Pyramid... to checkout my podcast join me on spreaker by clicking " Gye-Nyame Journey Podcast " you can follow the show or follow me ha2tim for those that want quick access to the pod cast here you go: