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Friday, November 23, 2012


What happened to the desire to learn? Where has it gone in our youth, and most of our adults? I have the pleasure of talking to youth and adults on daily basis, and appears that a majority of them have know desire to receive new information. could it be that all the media has made people feel that they have no need to learn. All they have to do is look something up on their smart phone. I would be satisfied if I witnessed this going on more but I don't.
Now I must state this is simply my observation and i am sharing it because I am looking for someone out there that can encourage me by stating that they are around a majority of friends, family, a students that are out in the world trying to learn and share new information. I am seriously wondering if we have spent so much time boosting self esteem that we have some how killed the curiosity. Learning takes some form of humbleness, in fact humbleness is one of the first steps to learning and being receptive to learning. have we turned our schools into social clubs where the young and old alike can gather and talk about the bull shit that infest our society.
I had a conversation with some of my students and had an epiphany about the word ignorance. The word ignore is buried within it. To be ignorant means if we look at it, to ignore reality, truth, and anything outside the base of what you think or believe. Now a days ignorance is running rampant and definitely can plug into the zombie virus I spoke about in my last post (check it out). When we shut our self off from reality we put ourselves in a dangerous place, when we ignore the facts we allow ourselves to be lead by the nose like a beast of burden by those that are manipulating what we believe or think we know. This makes us slaves to those who are manipulating the facts and/or our beliefs. So those on the Journey make sure you keep an open mind and question everything.
Nuff said
peace and  1hunidyears

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I was thinking about Americas fascination with zombies. I wonder why they seem like the rage of the times. There is zombie shows and movies popping up everywhere, and I cant help but to wonder why? Is the American public enjoying the idea of mindless, twits running around with a bottomless hunger that can never be satisfied. Is subconsciously taking a look at its self in these fantasies. Hell, as i was driving to work I swear a saw a few zombies walking to their nest.  Shit we seem at least to me to be living in a post or maybe current apocalyptic time, in which people are being infected with a mental virus that catapults them into a zombie state. I have witnessed many occasions in which people have shut there thinking off and acted as zombie. I myself am guilty of this shit that I am describing. Christmas is approaching and watch some of the shit the masses do in the name of this holiday.
Zombies are not on the TV or in movie theaters they exist among us, and sometimes are us. When we are driven unthinkingly to fulfill our social responsibilities without thought we are in zombie mode. We don't eat brains, but we do consume useless shit and never seem to get full. We destroy things and people around us without a good reason, just driven by some internal drive that cant be named, or at least that we can not name. But let me help you here. the drive of the zombie is the same drive that our ancestors warned us against. They were the same drives that has destroyed one civilization after another. We call these the deadly 7 unbalanced passions. They were introduced to me in a book of wisdom over 20 years ago. They are the same drives that keep us broke,unhappy, depressed and lost. They are Fear, pride, envy, greed, jealousy, lust and anger. These negative seven are thoughts that infected the carrier, and turns into ideas that push the individual to zombie like actions. These ideas feed on us and force us to act out in crazy ways that are equal to and sometimes worst than zombies. If you don't believe it, look around you. Check your work place, school, churches, politics, radio and see the zombies walking right before your eyes.
The good thing about this zombie virus is that there is a cure, if you can infect the carrier with balanced thoughts, and stimulate the growth of new healthy ideas the virus can be counter acted. So go out and save the world spread the antivirus, and more importantly protect yourself from being infected. Keep positive thoughts and balanced principles in your life.
nuff said
peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kissing and cancer | Gene Expression | Discover Magazine

Here is a piece about kissing and cancer. Damn I may be in trouble on this one. They have found links between kissing and some of the viruses that cause cancer. Now-a-days be careful who you lay your lips on, it may be more dngerous than lighting up a cigerret. hahahahahaa

Kissing and cancer | Gene Expression | Discover Magazine