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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 413171 (5-6-7 a new way of seeing the world)

Peace FAM:
It is time for us to begin looking at the world with new eyes. Understanding GNJ's 567 system and applying it to your life will change the world for you. We are suffering because we have been miseducated about ourselves. We are taught about all the limits, and thrust into a world not of our or our ancestors making. As African people we have existed on the periphery of this world long enough, and it is time for us to grab the cover of our culture. Culture is the soul of a people, and a people without soul are zombies. Walking the earth soulless doing the bidding of their masters. The recent addition of zombies eating brains, and as brainless consumers is recent to the zombie lore. The original concept of a zombie was someone that was put up under a curse and was forced to serve. Although the brainless consumer was a great addition. We are caught in the zombie zone, serving others with no benefit to ourselves, but it is now time for us to change this paradigm.
Today is the glorious day Ujamaa and on this day we are looking at the unused resource of our culture. Culture is a powerful weapon against oppression, and this is why ours was destroyed and the parts they could not destroy they discredited. We are made to believe that culture is just about where we are from, some historical high notes that we can brag about,  clothes we wear, and etc.. Once again we have been deceived. As I stated earlier culture is the soul of the people, and from this soul arises a peoples worldview, ways of living, economic life, political life, social rules, education, way and rules of war (dealing with enemies of culture), how to deal with interpersonal relationships, diet, and spirituality. All of these things flow through the culture, which is why we need to get back to our culture. We are existing in this cold world without the blanket of our culture to protect us. Culture is a living thing that has to be used and protected if not it will suffer and die. Once again I have to mention that The 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge is GNJ's attempt to bring our culture to consciousness, this is where the 5-6-7 comes from. My Culture has revealed to me that the human being is composed of 5 parts, and each part must be attended to for us to come into power. The 5 parts work together to help us receive and decipher information and experiences we face in the world. Within the 5, ideas and symbols are able to take root, as well as be created. The 5 for those that do not know are Intuition, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical parts of our being. When these 5 parts are activated and worked by the user they empower the user to begin to make changes in how they chose to live. The 5 when combined can generate the power to free the owner from the hold of the alien spirit that is running rampant in our communities, The 6 is the primary emotions that we experience on the road of life. This was introduces to me by brother Wakesa and his wife sister Afiya from the AYA educational Institute. The primary emotions are Mad, Sad, Scared, Joyous, Peace, & Power. With just a basic understanding on how these emotions work you can change how you interact in the world. When properly seen and listened to emotions begin not only the fuel of action, but a guiding mechanism to your true state which is Peaceful, Powerful, and Joyous. Lastly we have 7 principles that when applied helps resurrect the user and empowers them to move toward liberation, and a true Warrior State.
Checkout the video let me know what you think and "Let's build"
Nuff said
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

Friday, November 23, 2012


What happened to the desire to learn? Where has it gone in our youth, and most of our adults? I have the pleasure of talking to youth and adults on daily basis, and appears that a majority of them have know desire to receive new information. could it be that all the media has made people feel that they have no need to learn. All they have to do is look something up on their smart phone. I would be satisfied if I witnessed this going on more but I don't.
Now I must state this is simply my observation and i am sharing it because I am looking for someone out there that can encourage me by stating that they are around a majority of friends, family, a students that are out in the world trying to learn and share new information. I am seriously wondering if we have spent so much time boosting self esteem that we have some how killed the curiosity. Learning takes some form of humbleness, in fact humbleness is one of the first steps to learning and being receptive to learning. have we turned our schools into social clubs where the young and old alike can gather and talk about the bull shit that infest our society.
I had a conversation with some of my students and had an epiphany about the word ignorance. The word ignore is buried within it. To be ignorant means if we look at it, to ignore reality, truth, and anything outside the base of what you think or believe. Now a days ignorance is running rampant and definitely can plug into the zombie virus I spoke about in my last post (check it out). When we shut our self off from reality we put ourselves in a dangerous place, when we ignore the facts we allow ourselves to be lead by the nose like a beast of burden by those that are manipulating what we believe or think we know. This makes us slaves to those who are manipulating the facts and/or our beliefs. So those on the Journey make sure you keep an open mind and question everything.
Nuff said
peace and  1hunidyears