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The Blessing In Being Stuck

In each of our lives we reach a point where it feels as if we are stuck, and no matter what we do we cant seem to move forward. It is at these times we may need to slow down, and even stop struggling. I have found that the more we struggle at these times the worse we get entangled in life's net. Just stop and take some time to rest and to gain some perspective. At these times the universe may be trying to talk with us but because we are so busy trying to stay moving we cant hear. We have been taught that it is our duty to keep moving and never stop. If you are sick so what "get up and go to work" because we believe that our job needs us or that we will be fired. If you are stuck on a project keeping beating yourself over the head until a new idea comes forth. We have heard the stories of those who have pushed through major obstacles and now the world sing their praise, and we may want to be just like them. Because many of us feel that success is purely connected to