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Gina Gee Project - Making Cake In Cup

Peace FAM: Gina, Shasha, and a special guest explore making cake in a cup. Thanks to their grandmother constantly thinking about what they can present on the show. So we have a few more shows coming bout the cake in the cup. The girls just invented a super sweet concoction that almost made me break my fast. I won't go into detail, but just be on the look out because it is on its way. So stay tuned, and remember to share this show with families with young children, help us grow the show, and help GeeGee get those 3000 views that she wants.

Gina Gee Project- Attack Of Tha Mosh

Peace FAM: The project continues on, but the tension between the Gye-Nyame girls is building up. Gina setup a shoot, but in the middle of filming she walks out and leaves "Tha Mosh" alone with the camera. Will Ms. Shasha leave the camera alone or will she move on and complete the show. Tune in to my hilarious children as they continue create content for their viewers. Gina is determined to make her mark on YouTube, and her little sister is right on her tail. tune in and share this with the young people in your life, and maybe even give them the camera and see what they can create. Your babies may surprise you. To edit my projects I use Power Director for android, it is an incredible tool for making videos. For those that want to go a bit deeper with making YouTube videos with your kids Checkout Cyberlink's Power Director for your computer: