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Thoughts from The Teacher

 Here is a podcast that I have been waiting years for, this is one of my comrades in arms. I met her in college, and she was a force of change in my life. I hope that through you entering her class she will be a source of growth for you. Follow her podcast and let's help her message get out to the world.

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 413171 (5-6-7 a new way of seeing the world)

Peace FAM: It is time for us to begin looking at the world with new eyes. Understanding GNJ's 567 system and applying it to your life will change the world for you. We are suffering because we have been miseducated about ourselves. We are taught about all the limits, and thrust into a world not of our or our ancestors making. As African people we have existed on the periphery of this world long enough, and it is time for us to grab the cover of our culture. Culture is the soul of a people, and a people without soul are zombies. Walking the earth soulless doing the bidding of their masters. The recent addition of zombies eating brains, and as brainless consumers is recent to the zombie lore. The original concept of a zombie was someone that was put up under a curse and was forced to serve. Although the brainless consumer was a great addition. We are caught in the zombie zone, serving others with no benefit to ourselves, but it is now time for us to change this paradigm. Today is t

Dynamic Interview with Wakesa from AYA Educational Institute

If you did not get to hear it live, here is one of the best interviews I have ever had. The brother was on fire. He will be presenting in Columbus, Ohio on April 7th and  April 8th. This will be a life changing event. The cost is only $20. Check the interview, look up the Institute, and see you in April. Click link Gye-Nyame Journey Nuff Said Peace & 1hunidyears

Using Technology to Help Students Educate Themselves

Technology has come a long way and we now have tools that was not even a dream when i was in school. Just like technology it is time for education to leap forward. Schools are still using the same technology they have been using since the beginning. If we are going to prepare our children for the future we need to embrace new technology to move them forward. I recently accepted a challenge to work with some young people using some up to date technology, and I am finding that children can figure out anything if given the time. All they need is a challenge, and some subtle nudging. Of course we still have to help them adjust some behaviors, but the reality is that after they learn to read and can do basic math they can pretty much pick up on other skills. The technology that is in the world can be used to help them discover that the world is bigger than their neighborhood. In my search for tools I had the pleasure of running into Khan Academy, the concept of SOLE (a Self Organizin