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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Against All Odds- Preston J. Harrison

 Against All Odds

Destiny surrenders
born as an underdog,
I was raised by a giant
to learn to see through the fog.
The coast was always guarded
and sometimes would be clear
for hope , faith and dreams
could only come but very near.
I looked around and found
no one I could resemble,
none just like me truly
trying hard to be so nimble.
I kept my dream a secret
though my ambition told them all.
My mouth kept shut,
my eyes wide open
to see those before me fall.
"Not my fate ", I told myself
as others claimed they heard me say.
I declared my life my own
then out on faith I made my way.

Preston J. Harrison

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starting Small Habits

"A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step", is a quote I often refer to when I feel like I am stuck. I often like to look at these words of wisdom, but sometimes I forget the power of these words. Not only does a journey of a thousand miles begin with 1 step, but so does a a short trip to the corner store. All of life's action begin with a small step. When we think about it any major change that we make in life starts with small steps or better yet by creating small habits that enable us to use the power of leverage and momentum to move us to where we want to be.
My recent studies have led me to looking at quantum physics, and from looking at this amazing science, I can clearly see the power of the small. We often overlook the power of the small, bu many of us have experienced this power in our personal life, both negatively and positively. For example if you have ever experienced the bite off the cold or flu virus you know what i am talking about. This small thing has the ability to lay you down for up to 7 day, and it takes very small steps. A nuclear explosion is also an example of something that starts small but ends up as a large destructive power. in the same way that these things can take an negative turn you can use this power to building up to the life you want. by taking small steps and developing small habits you can cause a large explosion in your life. Use the power of starting small and create some change in your life. It will surprise you how powerful the small is, but once you start you cant help but to see what a powerful tool this is. so my fellow Journey wo/man begin small and allow the cascading effect flow through your existence and warp your reality toward what it is you want.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Warrior Spirit

The warrior spirit is important for anyone who wants change their life. A warrior is "one who is experienced or involved with conflict" and anyone that is looking to change is going to experience conflict. The conflicts that will come will start internally and then work themselves out into the world. Conflict is unavoidable when one is seeking any sort of change. Conflict is necessary in our lives because it is only through conflict we grow. Reflect on your own life and look at all the conflicts you had to endure to become who you are today. I humbily suggest that we are a products of conflict, individually and collectively.
When we look at the definitiopn of a warrior we can see that it is bigger than a physical war. When we limit the warrior spirit to the battlefeilds of humanity, we limit are ability to tap into the force. We limit our access to the part of ourselves that has helped man/woman evolve beyond our fear, and self imposed  limits. It was the warrior spirit in us that mastered fire, it was the warrior spirit that created and utilized the will, and it was the warrior spirit that forced us to ask the questions and seek the answers that changed us from plain dwellers to city dwellers.
My books and podcast are about waking this spirit, this sleeping giant in your soul, and help you gain access to its boundless energy. This is the power that you need to harness to lose weight, change your career, build that business, get in shape, and anything else you want to do. Once you plug into this power and make it a habit your ability to change will be magnified and better yet the changes you put in motion will stick. So join the Journey and keep up with the Warriors because this will be a great ride.