Starting Small Habits

"A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step", is a quote I often refer to when I feel like I am stuck. I often like to look at these words of wisdom, but sometimes I forget the power of these words. Not only does a journey of a thousand miles begin with 1 step, but so does a a short trip to the corner store. All of life's action begin with a small step. When we think about it any major change that we make in life starts with small steps or better yet by creating small habits that enable us to use the power of leverage and momentum to move us to where we want to be.
My recent studies have led me to looking at quantum physics, and from looking at this amazing science, I can clearly see the power of the small. We often overlook the power of the small, bu many of us have experienced this power in our personal life, both negatively and positively. For example if you have ever experienced the bite off the cold or flu virus you know what i am talking about. This small thing has the ability to lay you down for up to 7 day, and it takes very small steps. A nuclear explosion is also an example of something that starts small but ends up as a large destructive power. in the same way that these things can take an negative turn you can use this power to building up to the life you want. by taking small steps and developing small habits you can cause a large explosion in your life. Use the power of starting small and create some change in your life. It will surprise you how powerful the small is, but once you start you cant help but to see what a powerful tool this is. so my fellow Journey wo/man begin small and allow the cascading effect flow through your existence and warp your reality toward what it is you want.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears


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