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Be Careful Of Your Genie

  Be Careful Of Your Genie Great kuumba: As usual the week is zooming past, as the saying goes time waits for no one including us here in Gye-Nyame Journey. We have made it to Kuumba and we get a chance to take a deep dive into the principle and discuss the use of it and the impact on our lives. I just want to stress the fact to the reader that Kuumba is a principle that you can not escape, and if you don’t use it to improve your life the world will use it to make others lives better, and make your existence a nightmare. Kuumba must be used and the children that it spawns must be cared for, protected and raised, if not then an outsider may recognize what we got and move in and take it over.  When I think about Kuumba I have to flash back to a folktale that we covered in our daily folktales. I can’t remember the title but the story goes: “A man approached a great forest and asked if he could have some wood for a project that he was working on. The great trees of the forest did not see t