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Sword and Sheild

I haven't been writing on my blog or doing my radio shows for over a month. I have been engaged in a personal conflict, now I know that the uninitiated will hear this and be concerned. If you have been traveling with me on this Journey then you know that conflicts are good for a warriors soul. I have been engaged in figuring out how to help young people educate themselves using the internet. We are living in an amazing time and it is time that we start preparing ourselves and our future for it. I have taken the challenge, and will be successful at it. New challenges are good for several reasons: 1. They help us find out what we are made of 2. They force us to use our imagination, and channel our creativity into a new place 3. They force us to grow in new ways that may be uncomfortable but good 4. They prepare us for the next step in our life, and in many occasions they open the road for us to take the next step. For those who are on the Journey find yourself a challenge, som

Revisiting Grace

  The concept of Grace has weighed heavily on my mind as of late. I was shocked at the power of this simple principle as I looked into it. I was truly acquainted with Grace as I put together the Millennium 7. I had to find a few new principles to use for a character building curriculum that I was putting together for young people.  I first had to research and replace some of the principles that I had always used. This is when I ran into the principle of gratitude. I placed it among many of the principles that I had used from the Nguzo Saba and replaced cooperative economics. I figured Gratitude would be a good replacement for it, and that I would be able to use the basic lessons that I had used for cooperative economics. I began my research and was amazed at where it took me. I began by breaking down the word gratitude and found that it lead to the word grateful. Both of these words meant being thankful. Grateful lead me to the word gracious, which was basically a thankful attitude,


True Passion burns deep within a shallow chest concern for conditions and worry turn to jest i've tasted my potential and seek the very best my reign is early burdened with the plight of others lest my jewels be spread my bread made broken promises fulfilled of old thoughts I've spoken fate no myth,new coin old token dreams made flesh by words I've spoken yield not to fear the old ghost is an illusion he's fiction made fact a campaign of confusion unreal seen real forms spiritual delusion when faith is corrupted by a cowards intrusion Where Love is real no fear can stand No dreams may die on faithful land Thoughts are gold when destiny is grand When Love is real no fear may stand. Preston J. Harrison