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FreeStyle Fridays and Music

good news for those that checkout my shows. On my shows that are done through the computer i will begin adding music to the show. I will be playing stuff that unless you are music buff you may never hear. I have been searching my Pandora for old and new cuts that help me think and I think some of the songs you will love. They will not be from the radio, they will be shelved and mixed up so you are liable to here a eclectic mix that will make you want to dance, cry, and may even make you angry that I played that shit. This the next evolution for the work that I have been doing and I hope you enjoy. Nuff said Peace and 1hunidyears

Movie to Smoke On- Sherlock Holmes

I happen to be chilling in columbus at the Shi-Sha Lounge on north high street, and to my pleasent surprise it is movie night. They show movies every Tuesday night, and tonight they have Shelock Holmes staring Robert Downey jr.. It is a good mix hell i can here all the conversations and watch the movie. Most importantly I can smoke a hookah, but is kind of hard to type my blogs, but where there is a will there is away. For those who have not seen the new rendition of Sherlock Holmes it is excellent. They keep the brilliance of Sherlock, but they complement him with a just as brilliant Watson, unlike the old movies I use to watch. They are showing the second movie in the series and unfortunately Sherlock meets his match by running across professor Moriarity. The movie is full of action and keeps your attention and at least makes me want to see more movies added to this series. I give it 1.75 Gye-Nyame Thumbs up. I will move it to 2 thumbs when they bring out another movie. Check ou