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Mimetic Virus

  The Mimetic Virus Great Ujima: I thought that reviewing this video as well as creating this article fit the theme of the day. Memes are a double edged sword that can be used to help us in our proces, but just like any other tool if it is used incorrectly it can cause a lot of damage. In the article I do not focus on ways that we can use memes to build, I focused on how the virus can do damage because we have many ideas that we have to cure ourselves of before we can move forward. Checkout the article and let us know what you think. Also be sure to sign up for our email list or take our seven day free ecourse. We need to get some healthy memes out here that will work for us rather than hold us hostage and impoverished. GNJ Free ecourse and email list Introduction There's a theory about human psychology that says we're all under the influence of invisible ideas—and some of these ideas can be dangerous. The idea of mimetic viruses (or memes) comes from French anthropologist Marc

Your small Majority

I have been podcasting and blogging for a short time, but the lessons still speak loud. So loud that it has forced itself into one of my podcast. Checkout my view on what to look for in order to build a movement. for those who are trying to build their "small majority" I discuss .10%. Check it out let me know what you think. " Your Small Majority "