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Breaking Free: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Power

 Breaking Free: Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Power Breaking Free Peace, Power, and Joy to my Family! It’s your brother ha2tim, here to light up that path from the shadows of doubt to the sunshine of self-belief. Today’s vibe? We’re tackling that inner chatter, flipping the script from those nagging negative loops to empowering, positive affirmations that elevate our spirit and guide us toward our true greatness. In this digital age, where the battlefield is as much in our minds as in the world around us, it's easy to get caught up in the undercurrents of negativity. But why settle for survival mode when we're meant to thrive? Let’s dive deep into transforming our mental game, moving from defense to offense in the arena of life. Recognizing the Power of Negative Loops Our brilliant minds, designed to protect us, can sometimes get stuck replaying the worst scenarios. This old-school survival tactic, while once crucial, now often holds us back from embracing the joy and

Control Your Kuumba, Or Your Kuumba Will Control Your Life

Control Your Kuumba, Or Your Kuumba Will Control Your Life Great Kujichagulia: Today we will look at controlling our Kuumba. Kuumba is a powerful tool, but we have to exercise our Kujichagulia in dealing with it. Our ancestors' first rule upon entering a temple as a disciple was control of thought, but for us it is control of our imagination. Time and time again I have witnessed people creating their own hell that spills out to everyone around them. These people have plenty of Kuumba but lack the kujichagulia to control their creation. This comes from the luxury that our ancestors labor, blood, sweat and tears have created for us, more free time. We have people wasting this powerful resource to play mind games with themselves. They sit at home, offices, coffee shops, etcConcocting fuckery that usually takes a hold and causes confusion.   “Kuumba is a powerful energy that lets each of us create. But we need to use our kujichagulia to control it.” Our Imagination is like a horse, and

Kuumba Toast - Countering Oppression with Creativity (Sample)

  Creativity is how we process the world. It's a by-product of our existence and something we just do. It's also something that can be developed and honed to have a more profound impact on the way we interact with our surroundings. Creativity is often associated with artistic endeavors, but the most powerful creativity is one that goes beyond art. Tapping into your creative potential can be done in many ways. Some people take up hobbies such as painting or music to get them through life. Others take part in political activism and social movements. In today's show, I will examine creativity as an alternative tool with which we can confront institutions of oppression and exploitation, create new communities of mutual aid and cooperation, provide alternative sources of employment, and generate models for human development that are consistent with our high potential as a tribe. Join us for todays discussion and be sure to get on the email list so that you can get the full artic

The Gina Gee Project- Graduation & Tea Bags

Peace FAM: Ms. Gina Gee is at it again. Today she is celebrating the fact that she got to walk across the stage. Last year she missed her graduation, and some of her supporters at the school made sure she got to walk with the graduating kindergarten class this year. One of the reasons I like her doing this project is that she is motivated to do better in every aspect of her life. She is sharing her self, and her personal growth with the world. I know many adults may not agree with this, but unfortunately Gina chose me as her father, and since I believe that it takes a village to not only raise a child, but to move a child to greatness, I will allow her to continue exposing herself to her village. Since we are in the digital age her village is also digital, so welcome. Gina and Shasha also video taped themselves helping me make "That Ambroisa", by getting the tea bags ready, and you get to see Ms. Shasha in her fullness. So sit back watch, and share with other young people i

Initiation by Imagination- Lost story of Gye

“Elder we hear many stories in Gye-Nyame, but very few about Gye himself.” I stated as we sat in the shop drinking coffee and smoking hookah. This elder was hard to catch up with, and even if you caught up with him you were not guaranteed to be blessed with a conversation. So I planed to take advantage of every minute that he blessed me with. “You are right young man there are not many stories about Gye that we share, but they do exist, and at the right time they appear to those who earnestly seek them.” the elder said as he sat back holding the hookah stem enjoying the flavor he had chosen. “Elder will you share one with me?” I asked hoping for a yes... “Young man it will be my pleasure, I have heard a lot about you and the work you have been doing in the tribe, so I feel it is time for you to get more info about our mythic founder.” He then passed me the hookah, and took a sip of his coffee. Looking at me very seriously, “make sure you take care of this story and do not pass it to

Imagination- tool of success o

Imagination is the tool that we use to develop our life or the weapon of our destruction. When we use our imagination to make away, things begin to happen in our life. When we focus our imagination on things, we recieve nothing. We become stuck where we are with visions of possessing the things, but we come up with no means to get it. Focus your imagination on creating the way to wealth rather than focusing on the things of wealth. When we focus on the the things of wealth rather than the means of attaining them we become stuck. We are burning up our axe' (life energy) fantasizing about the rewards of hard work. We have the ability to create within focus our axe' on that and move ourselves along the path we imagined.