Kuumba Toast - Countering Oppression with Creativity (Sample)

 Creativity is how we process the world. It's a by-product of our existence and something we just do. It's also something that can be developed and honed to have a more profound impact on the way we interact with our surroundings. Creativity is often associated with artistic endeavors, but the most powerful creativity is one that goes beyond art. Tapping into your creative potential can be done in many ways. Some people take up hobbies such as painting or music to get them through life. Others take part in political activism and social movements. In today's show, I will examine creativity as an alternative tool with which we can confront institutions of oppression and exploitation, create new communities of mutual aid and cooperation, provide alternative sources of employment, and generate models for human development that are consistent with our high potential as a tribe. Join us for todays discussion and be sure to get on the email list so that you can get the full article.

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