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The End Didn't Come, or Did It???

Well it is the 12-25-2012 and the world didn't end. So that means that I will have to pay these damn billls... Well since we are still here this simply means that we have more time to get life right. We can make changes in our lives that will move us toward what we view as happiness. For some of us the world did end, some of us watched the old world die and a new one emerge from the flames like a phoenix. I love the symbolism of the phoenix because it teaches us that life is a cycle of birth and death, and the cycle never ends. The death that I am referring to is the death of the reason to stay ignorant. With all this social networking, all this access to information by way of the internet, and the world getting smaller their is only one way that people can stay in the old world and that is by choosing to stay blind. Yes this is a choice, and by choosing to close our eyes we will doom ourselves to the way things were rather the how they could be. As people being born in this dynami

Against All Odds- Preston J. Harrison

 Against All Odds Destiny surrenders born as an underdog, I was raised by a giant to learn to see through the fog. The coast was always guarded and sometimes would be clear for hope , faith and dreams could only come but very near. I looked around and found no one I could resemble, none just like me truly trying hard to be so nimble. I kept my dream a secret though my ambition told them all. My mouth kept shut, my eyes wide open to see those before me fall. "Not my fate ", I told myself as others claimed they heard me say. I declared my life my own then out on faith I made my way. Preston J. Harrison

Moving to a New Year and a New View

We are down to the last few months of the year, and now is the time to begin developing our selves for what is to come. To help those on the Journey I will begin making the "Player's Pyramid" series from my radio show available again. I will begin dropping links so that you don't have to search through the archives. I will first begin with the 7 tools needed in the process and then we will move into the Principles. For those that want to use the book to follow along I will also provide the link to my page where you can purchase it. Thank you for another spectacular year and I will share with you soon. The First Tool  - the radio broadcast Here is the link for the book: "The Player's Pyramid" For those that would like to join  the conversation about this book and information presented in it here is a link:   Player's Pyramid

Initiation by Imagination- Lost story of Gye

“Elder we hear many stories in Gye-Nyame, but very few about Gye himself.” I stated as we sat in the shop drinking coffee and smoking hookah. This elder was hard to catch up with, and even if you caught up with him you were not guaranteed to be blessed with a conversation. So I planed to take advantage of every minute that he blessed me with. “You are right young man there are not many stories about Gye that we share, but they do exist, and at the right time they appear to those who earnestly seek them.” the elder said as he sat back holding the hookah stem enjoying the flavor he had chosen. “Elder will you share one with me?” I asked hoping for a yes... “Young man it will be my pleasure, I have heard a lot about you and the work you have been doing in the tribe, so I feel it is time for you to get more info about our mythic founder.” He then passed me the hookah, and took a sip of his coffee. Looking at me very seriously, “make sure you take care of this story and do not pass it to