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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Daily Toast- The Lymphatic System

Peace FAM:
We are looking at the lymphatic system, and we are learning about what this system does for our body and how important it is. I am totally blown away by this information. I never knew that this system existed or what it was responsible for. Please tune in and let's learn together. The craziest part about this system is that it needs you to be in action in order to move the fluid. In the lifestyle that we are currently living, we spend a lot of time in unnatural positions, eating unnatural food, drinking unnatural liquids, and breathing unnaturally. All of these things contribute to why many of us are sick.
The challenge is for us is to learn about our body and begin to use our shell (bodies) as the tool in which we express our greatness in this life. Checkout the video and feel free to add any information that I am missing, or may have gotten wrong. I want to make sure my FAM is properly informed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 516171 "This World Is Ours"

We have to change our mindset about the world we exist in. We live here as if we are visitors or this planet, when in fact this entire planet is ours. When we start changing this mind state we can start moving as a group in the direction that we need. When we act as a beggar in the world the world treats you as such. Human rights cant be given, freedom can't be given, sovereignty can't be given, all of these must be taken. In order to take these things we have to activate the power of Kujichagulia. We have to re-establish a collective sense of ownership. The fact is that this planet is ours, and we have been allowing others to squat on our inheritance. We have been trained to not compete, and to be satisfied, better yet feel luck to come in last place. We believe other peoples myths, treat them as fact, and allow them to take hold of land, possessions, our children, and even our lives with a fight. No one has more right to the land and resources of this planet than you. The only thing that keeps us from claiming what is ours is organized action and commitment. White supremacy is a myth supported by guns, just as many of the religions that we submit ourselves to are just myths that use the after life as a weapon to push us in a direction that does not benefit us, and then if we do not budge then out come the guns.
Family the simple point that I am making is that this world is ours, and we will never get it back following the rules of an alien culture. We need to embrace who we are totally and leave those who wish to stay behind. It is time to rebuild our culture, this time add all of the equations of success that we need, make vulture proof, and make it vulture proof. Be sure to take the challenge and take the first step to building a vehicle that can catapult us into the future. Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 59171 "Mouth Breathing is killing you"

Peace FAM:
I am running into some powerful information about the power of the breath. I have been dealing with the concept of axe' in the breath for a long time, but now I have found scientific proof of the power of the breath, and even more importantly how the breath is taken in the body.
My friends and family it has finally been proven that breathing through the nose is the best way to breath, but it has also been shown to help an individual over come or better control obesity, impotence in life as well as erectiel dysfunction, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, depression,      cardiovascular issues, GI disorders, and etc.. Proper Nostril breathing  helps strengthen  the immune system. This is a simple process that each of us can do to take control of our health. Proper breathing is powerful enough to move you toward health. There is absolutely no reason  why anyone can not take advantage of this. It is free, it is relaxing, and it can get you high, what more do you need.
For those that are taking the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge we share with you GNJ's Axe' Breath which will help you with many ailments, keep you healthy, and move you toward SelfMastery. To keep up with GNJ and get exclusive content, and other breathing exercises sign up on this site.
Nuff Said
We wish you Peace, Power,Joy, &1hunidyears

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 52171 "The Hood Trap"

Peace FAM:
Today we toast the mighty principle of Kujichagulia. So lift your glass and let's call our ancestors home to stand by our side, in this battle for our Culture and eventually our nation. Unfortunately we have no homes to call them to, because many of us are inhabitants of a danger zone called the "hood". Many of us take pride in our ability to exist in miserable conditions, and we have narrowed the Black experience down to hoodism.
The ability to define is the power that separates us from the beast of the field, but since we have not snatched this power back from those that would use toward our demise we exist in a unhealthy state. Man through time has been able to rise above his environment, and shape it to his liking. Unfortunately we missed this in our study of culture. We have allowed our enemies to define us and we have let our environment shape. Leaving us with the cancerous idea of the hood. Men through the shaping of environment form villages and communities. Environments and circumstances that shape men give birth to hoods. A hood is simply a collection of people who have not activated their Kujichagulia. Checkout the video and see if this truly applies to us

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 425171 "Drama cont."

Peace FAM:
Once again I am able to stand above the ground  and greet you on this marvelous Kujichagulia. Today we toast our ancestors and continue our talk about drama. Drama in it's self is not a problem, but over dramatazation is the issue. We can not allow anyone to hijack our attention or power, and over drama does that perfectly. It is the tool of the enemy, so watch out. Keep your mind and staymoving toward your goal.
We also will begin looking at some herbs and different food you may interested to adding to your personal regiment. Right now, I am working with black seed oil, palm oil, and coconut oil, and of course "That Ambrosia", I will begin talking about these products more and let you know about my personal results. Checkout the video and sign up to get extra content @ Gye-Nyame Journey and don't forget to take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Daily Toast - 418171 Kujichagulia "Obstacles"

Peace FAM:
Today I am feeling under the weather, but in these times this is when I must push on. I understand that because I have chosen to change, obstacles will appear. I have changed my diet, I have changed my sleep pattern, I have changed my video making schedule, I have changed my exercise regiment, I have increased my chores, and I have increased my use of the axe' breath. With all these addition (changes) of course obstacles will pop up. I push on so that those who take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba, are part of the Tribe, or even those that drink "That Ambrosia". Can see that we push on, as warriors. We will get sick, we will get talked about, we will be hated and hindered but we move on. We learn to change our perception and see this obstacles as steps to our greatness. Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Here Is The Blueprint for Kujichagulia

I am telling you family, when you take the 21 Nguzo Saba Challenge you will be blessed each day with new information that will begin just popping up. You will be watching videos and out of the blue you will be hit by the principle that you are focused on. You will begin to be able to extract your principles out of articles, books, discussions, and etc.. Here is a video that I had a chance to listen to on Kujichagulia, and it fits with the video that I made this morning. Powerful information, please take some time and check it out.

Daliy Toast- Kujichagulia 411171 "The game is not fair because we are not playing"

Peace FAM
In my book "The Player's Pyramid" I describe life as a game, and state that those that know the rules win the game. Today I want to go a little deeper, FAM  the game appears to be unfair to us because we are not playing. It appears that we are not even attempting to compete. By us surrendering to our competition we are throwing the whole universe out of balance. We are required to put up the best fight we possible can, and trust our ancestors. We have to begin to compete, and begin to make other groups feel uncomfortable around us. The game we are born into requires us to act as a group, and get rid of this universal man concept, we have a role and when we don't play that role we expose our future generations to servitude. Now I want to clarify the role, as Black people in America we are a group that has economic, business, political, social, educational, and warfare responsibilities. We have to begin to train ourselves and our children to compete. Many groups in America already do this, all you to do is look at the little townships, and suburbs on the fringes of our cities. As Marcus Garvey says "what man has done man can do". Now many people will read this and automatically think that I am discussing separation, but this is happening in the front of our eyes and no one ever screams separatism. We have the right in this system to set up something for ourselves, as a matter of fact we will become more valuable to this country. As we start building, providing jobs, training our young people, taking care of our elders, educating our children, producing goods, and providing services our net worth will begin to grow, and we will be able to formulate beneficial partnerships with other groups. This is not about isolation, but this is about taking some time pulling ourselves together, and demanding that other groups respect us. This is Kujichagulia on steroids, we define our borders, we define our relationship with other groups and deal from a position of power.
Nuff said
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Tale For Kujichagulia- The wife of Prince

Image result for mayte garcia and princeFor all you Prince fans out there here is an interview with Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia. What caught my attention was the fact that this women set in her mind when she was 9 years old that she would marry Prince was she grew up. Now If that is not an exaple of Kujichagulia I don't know what is.
The bigger lesson that came out of this story is that her belief and determination in this dream was contagious. It turns out that this young lady's mother was the one who finally made the intitial meeting possible. Bream Big and Hustle hard FAM.
Mayte Garcia's interview on NPR

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 44171 (Steaming food)

Peace Fam

Today was one of those days when I woke up with no idea of what to talk about. I struggle, and then the idea hit me to introduce the world to one of my favorite things, especially with the way I eat, my steamer, so during the conversation I discuss steaming and how to use it to assist on the warrior diet. So here is to a great Kujichagulia, and by the way I owe 14 push ups so as soon as finish this post I will knock them out.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

For those interested in seeing the final product from the "steaming" conversation. I Found some quiona after I shut the camera down so in less than an hour:


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 328171 ( redefine the story)

Peace FAM
Here we go, another great day and a new filming technique that I have been working on. Hope you like the effect. Now to redefining the our story. On this day of Kujichagulia we are given the gift of re- framing our experience in this country. We can stick with the old story, but we have to ask the question, has it helped us. If the story is not helping us in our goals of rising in this country then we need to step back and re-frame them. I have been struggling with this for a long time, because our story maybe limiting us. Along with the studies on PTSD, and PTSS we also need to identify and look at those studies of individual and groups who have developed PTG (Post traumatic growth). There are studies on individuals who have been through traumatic incidents and have grown dramatically because of the incident. They have learned to draw strength from their trauma that has catapulted them into a new frame. They appear to prosper inspite of what they have been through, and I believe we can do the same. We need to look deeply into our story and use the power of mental alchemy to transform them into what we need rather than weights that hold us in place. We are in a unique place and time in history simply because you are here. You and your story are what we have been waiting for. We need to look at the hero mythos and realize that every hero went through trauma that turned him/her into the historic person or legend that we know. We are unique because we have a whole group that has been traumatized, and continue to experience trauma, and I am simply suggesting that we begin to re-frame it in away that is empowering to us as a group and even more importantly as individuals. This constant waiting, begging, borrowing, and needless suffering needs to stop.
Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 321171 (Who is defining you/we)

Peace FAM
The thought that hit me when I rose from my sleep this day, was who defines us, and how do we benefit from it? When looking at how we deal with each other and the world I can't help but be puzzled, because it appears that we operate outside of our own interest. Any people that operate outside of their own benefit is crazy, because their is no way that they can survive. This type of people put their children at risk, and set them up for future oppression, and debt slavery. A people's Kujichagulia is a protection against outside forces, when the force of Kujichagulia is stripped away a people are subject to outside definition.
Now here is where the hustle gets real, if an outside force or group (group 1) can define another group (group 2), the definition that is set on group 2 will always work for the benefit of group 1. This means that everything that group 2 knows about itself or even think about it self will benefit group 1. The only end that I can see for group 2 is extinction. Now FAM we have to realize that we are in group 2, and begin the real work of change.
Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 314171

Peace Fam:
Great Kujichagulia, thanks for stopping through and toasting with me. As we move forward in Self-Determination let's remember the proverb of the week "Right practice is true knowing", on this day let's continue to practice taking control of what we can control. Many times we can find ourselves wasting energy on things we have no control over rather than looking at the powerful tools that we do. By us practicing using our gifts and on a daily basis working on those few skills we move toward mastery, and with mastery comes power. If you are interested in learning to control things around you focus on controlling things within you, and the world will be your oyster. So join me for the Toast, begin some type of routine that help you get grounded, perform some breathing exercises to help you get mental clarity, and lastly through some simple movements so that you can get in tune with your body. All of these things help you explore yourself and allow you to expand your life vocabulary so that you can begin to define yourself for yourself as Kujicahgulia demands.
Today our discussion is inspired by the African Heritage Diet, so listen in and let's look at Kujichagulia, food, and culture.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 36171 (5 parts of Being)

Peace Fam:
It was an exciting week, and I have been getting hits about "That Ambrosia" and question in general. Today let's look at the 5 aspect of our being (Intuition, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical). Staying aligned with the Proverb of the week "Say the knowledge-holders, true home is the place which the sun breaks", for many people this is cryptic, but for the few who have been studying this proverb is clear. To me it speaks about the unseen part of reality which makes up at least 90% of existence. That is right, a majority of the universe can not be perceived by us. Our ancestors through altered states of consciousness were able to become aware of this bigger reality, and was able to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives. We lost our way and need to focus in on some basics so that we can get back in touch. With today being Kujichagulia and the Hermetic law being correspondence we can look at breaking through some of the mysteries by taking a deeper look at this hermetic law. It states "As above so below, and as below so above", this law is telling us that by learning about the small we can learn about the large, by learning about the seen we can learn about the unseen. Which brings us right back to learning about ourselves. When we explore the mystery of ourselves we get a glimpse and a grasp of the mysteries of the universe. The 5 aspects of our being is Gye-Nyame Journey's road map to better understanding ourselves. So listen in as we break these down quickly, if you have any questions or comments please share. Let's learn together, grow together, but most importantly let's Build!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 128171 (who is defining you & your reality)

Great Kujichagulia:
On this day we reflect not only on Kujichagulia, but upon the other principles, and laws that fall on this day.Today is not only the day of self-determination, but it also serves to bring us time to work with Justice and  the Law of Correspondence.
Keeping with the theme from last week we will reflect on these principles through the lens of the quote from the "Book Of Coming Forth By Day", that has sparked all kinds of thoughts. " Awaken from thy suffering O thou who lye prostrate! ", we will stop the quote there, because this part illustrates what we need. Kujichagulia is about defining our self for our self, but how is this done? Unfortunately most people have been lulled into a deep sleep, they were cultured, and socially designed into a prostrate state. We have been submitted to a systematic process that strives to keep us unconscious. In the state of unconsciousness we experience self inflicted suffering. Now I believe that this point is important enough to repeat, "we are experiencing self imposed suffering". I know that many will kick back against this point, but we ultimately are inflicting suffering upon ourselves. We have been trained to believe in our helplessness. The systems we have been subjugated to have done an excellent job of convincing us that we are victims of a chaotic universe, and that our lot in life is set. The stories we have been told keep us in our place, with our faces firmly placed in the dirt. imagining all types of horrors. We actually believe that others have control over us and that our destiny lies in others hands. When the fact of the matter is that because we are "lying prostrate" we can't see the truth.
Everyone has heard the story of the training of the elephant. Where a baby elephant is tied to a tree, and for the first part of his life he pulls against the tree trying to get free. The Tree is firm and real, and eventually the baby elephant begins to surrender, and gives up trying. The baby elephants eventually grows into a bull elephant, and now because he has been trained he will not attempt to free himself. You can now tie the giant elephant to a stake and he will not be able to free himself. This same process has happened to you.You have been forced down so much that you now believe that your proper position is on the ground and have given up trying to rise. from the ground everything look bad. your angle of life is distorted, and I am simply trying to help you stand up, "Awaken thou who is lying prostrate". You and your whole life has been defined by others, and their definition serves them, and not you. How we see ourselves shapes how we see the world, and how we interact in it. the worst part about all this is that humans are very resilient, we can adjust to almost anything. Many of us have learned to be comfortable living life on our bellies. I am just saying stand up! Awaken and rise to who you really are. When you start to rise it will be scary, but you will begin to see that all the suffering was your doing, and the suffering that was being inflicted by others fades away as you look them in the eye. Today is an opportunity for you to redefine your life and your relationship with it. Take the #nguzosabachallenge and dedicate your days to yourself and culture. Begin to take small steps to get your health in order. Let's Build!!!