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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 227171

We have made it to another Umoja, and almost made it through another month. We are going strong with these toast, and by now you should be seeing the effects. Umoja is the point in our principle system where all of the principles we have been working on come together to produce results. Today take some time to notice where the principle Umoja has been working in your life. Where have things been coming together for you. Umoja is unity, but also on this day we deal with the Maatic principle of Truth, and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism.
Speaking of the Law Of Mentalism, let's explore this law throught the lense of Umoja. The principle of Umoja reminds that everything is connected and and interdependent. If we take this as Truth (Maat) we can take our principles to another level.  The Law of Metalism states that "Everything is mental, and everything is a mental creation of the All", now this means that the entire Creation is formed through mental energy. Mental energy proceeds from the mind, and can be manipulated with mind. Our Creator is described as the The All in all, in the hermetic writings, and this mean that this All is within you. This "All" is waiting to be activated by you, the only thing that is preventing this is your lack of unity within yourself, and your lack of consciousness. We can look back at the proverb that has been spurring me this week, "Awake out of thy suffering, O thou who liest prostrate! Awake thou! Thy head is in the horizon". I know that I have been on this for the last few days, but the truth (Maatic principle) rings so loud for me that I want, better yet I need you to get it. In our unconscious state, our walking sleep we miss out on the power that lie within us. We our lying prostrate suffering, but why are we suffering. We suffer because we do not realize that all of the pain, torment, horror, sadness, and grief are creations of our own making. We are caught within a mental illusion that is being cast over us, by ourselves. In our prostrate postion we can not see this, and others take advantage of our lack of site. They profit from our suffering, not because they have escaped the trap, but because their illusions have convinced them that they can releave some of their suffering by tormenting others, but it doesn't.
When we as individuals, and groups begin to rise from our prostrate positon, by unifying the five elements of our being (IMESP), and become conscious of where, when, and most importantly who we are, the shackles fall off and the suffering ceases. So on this powerful day once again let's focus on getting our mind right, and learn to master the other elements within us, so that we can turn this world from what it is to what we and our children need it to be.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I woke up this morning and realized that I was dreaming about one of my elders, and I was faced with the fact that he had passed away. At first I was sad , but then remembering some of the lessons that he had given me during our time together I began to celebrate and it made it easier for me.
Mourning is a process that we must go through in order to let go of what was and face what is. Mourning helps us embrace the present moment whole. When we refuse to mourn we hold onto old things that no longer serve a purpose in our life. They begin to weigh us down and make our journey harder than it needs to be.
I realized why the words mourning and morning sound so much alike, because they are in essence the same thing. When we first awake a part of us wants to stay sleep, because sleep is comfortable, and in most cases in the western world it is safe, but the fact is that we must get up at some point and face the day, So we have to say goodbye to the dream world, push the covers off, rise, get prepared and enter the world. If we enter the world still holding on to the dreams that we had the night before, they rob us of our power to fully interact with the day. The same thing applies when we are mourning the death of a loved one, a bad relationship (personal or professional), or etc.. When we do not say goodbye properly this hinders us in our life moving forward.
Learn to mourn and say goodbye to those things that are no longer with you. Mourn them and in the mourning allow the story that they wrote for you to unfold so that you can get the blessings and discard the curses.
nuff said
peace & 1hunidyears