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Friday, May 26, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 525171 "The Spook Who Sat By The Door"

Peace FAM:
I apologize for being behind. Today I didn't have to go to work, and I laid down and been chillin all of this Nia day. On Ujamaa I was moved to do an Old School movie review on a film that I believe does not get the credit it deserve. The Spook is not only a classic but a one of a kind tale that should be firmly posted in every revolutionaries heart. This is movie that introduce us to the idea of struggle, and the possibility of victory if we stick to our principles and training. When I first heard about this movie from my elders I went on the hunt for it, and it took years for me to find it. When I finally got my hands on it, I could not believe what I was seeing. The link to the movie is on the YouTube video, and I look forward to having a discussion about the film after you have taken the the time to see it. Let's Build!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Movie to Smoke On- Sherlock Holmes

I happen to be chilling in columbus at the Shi-Sha Lounge on north high street, and to my pleasent surprise it is movie night. They show movies every Tuesday night, and tonight they have Shelock Holmes staring Robert Downey jr.. It is a good mix hell i can here all the conversations and watch the movie. Most importantly I can smoke a hookah, but is kind of hard to type my blogs, but where there is a will there is away.
For those who have not seen the new rendition of Sherlock Holmes it is excellent. They keep the brilliance of Sherlock, but they complement him with a just as brilliant Watson, unlike the old movies I use to watch.
They are showing the second movie in the series and unfortunately Sherlock meets his match by running across professor Moriarity. The movie is full of action and keeps your attention and at least makes me want to see more movies added to this series. I give it 1.75 Gye-Nyame Thumbs up. I will move it to 2 thumbs when they bring out another movie.
Check out the "Shi-Sha Lounge" on Wednesday nights and catch the movie some coffe and a smoke.
nuff said
peace and 1hunidyears

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Synchronicity in "A Thousand Words!!!"

This blog was inspired by the movie "A Thousand Words" staring Eddie Murphy. This move is about a relunctant hero who is forced to take a Journey of self transformation. The lead character played by Murphy is a slick, savy, successful literary agent. Who has molded and shaped his life by the use of his quick wit and his mouth piece. He has built a life that appears to be perfect, but early in the movie we see major flaws. First the lead character is arrogant, mean, loud, overbearing, rude and a manipulator. Secondly he has what a ppears to be a young marriage with a young baby that is being raised in an emaculate bachelor pad. Thirdly the lead character has a mother who appears to be suffering from the early stages of dimensia, who confuses her son (Murphy) with his father, who by the way we learn left the family when the character was 8 years old.
The story begins when Murphy takes on the challenge of recruiting a very popular new age teacher as a client. With the goal of representing the guru's latest book. From here the story gets really interesting. Murphy's character pretends to be a follower of the guru and sneaks into his compound to convince the guru to allow him to be the agent to represent his new book. During the conversation Murphy's character is cut by  bodhi tree which forms a mystical bond with the lead character. The connection that is formed connects Murphy and the tree, and with every word that Murphy speaks a leaf falls from the tree, and both the tree and the main character begins to die.
This is a powerful movie and it uses the Heroes Journey model well (separation, initiation, death, and rebirth) the main character is forced to face his fears, surrender, and basically die, and is reborn as a new person with a new view on life.
Now I know you are probably asking what does this have to do with synchronicity, maybe nothing for you, but for me this movie fell on my lap in the right place at the right time. One of the ways that the universe communicates with those on their Journey is through synchronicity. Synchronicity is defined as "the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection", this movie just happened to be playing at a place where I was, but at this time in my life I needed to see it.
I had to reflect on my life while trying to put this post together at all the other times it seemed like the Creator just dropped something in my life that I didn't know I needed until afterwards. This day and that movie was one of those times. I have come to the conclusion that synchronicity, deja vue, lucky happenings, and etc., are the tools that the Universe uses to let us know that we are on the right path. I am also sure that they can used to warn us that we are going the wrong way as well. either way I think that we may learn to heed this calls from the Universe and share the lessons and the way they came to us with others to assist them on their personal Journey.
Back to the lesson that I received from the movie. "A Thousand Words" taught me about the power of silence, and becoming still at certain points in our life. Like the main character in this movie I have a tendency to do more talking than true listening. This movie also revealed to me that making room in my life for family is the wrong direction to go. The Main character made room for his loved ones in his life, but he didn't make them part of his life. Making someone part of your life means that you truly share yourself with them rather than just tolerate them in your space.
In my opinion the most important lesson was  the act that the main character was finally able to do that saved his life, and the lives of other characters in the movie ( I won't ruin the movie for you by telling what it was because I would hope that you see it) he spoke these 3 magic words first internally and then finally externally and this freed him and others that had been trapped in some of the illusions that he had erected in his life. This lesson spoke volumes to me and I know for those on the Journey it will speak to you as well so when you get a chance check it out.