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Daily Toast- Kuumba 513171 Nitric Oxide & Sex

Great Kuumba FAM Although I am in Imani now I want to make sure that my readers have access to the information that I shared on Kuumba. We talked about nitric oxide and sex. Family the power of the breath is incredible, and we need to begin harnessing it for our personal and tribal "come up". When we learn to work with and eventually control our breath we can heal ourselves, lose weight, overcome stress, increase energy, and improve our sexual performance, and all this is free. It is just a matter of sitting down and breathing through our nose. Forcing ourselves to become conscious of a process that many of us overlook. Changing our diet, and other habits pale in comparison to just changing our breathing pattern. Start breathing through your nose, take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge and change your life.

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 511171 Nitric Oxide

NO NO NO Peace FAM: Great Ujamaa, today we are gathered to talk about the power of NO, not no, but NO Nitric Oxide. This is a powerful chemical that is generated with in your body. NO helps the body: Helps memory Asssist immune system Helps regulate blood pressure reduce inflamation improve sleep stregnthen senses increase endurance Realize that there is still reseaerch going on, so expect to hear more about this chemical soon. The Best part for us is that it is produced in the body, and we can influence its production. So listen in and learn what you can.