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The Power Of Your No!!!

 The Power Of Your No!!! Great Ujima as we are in the the cycle of the year 2022 in the week of Kujichagulia. This video that I am sharing is a blast from the past. Look in and learn the power of your no. Stop playing with this power and begin use it to change your life. Check out the article and let us know if it helps. When you're new to saying no, it will feel uncomfortable and unnatural. You'll want to explain yourself or apologize (even if you don't mean it) just because you've been conditioned to say yes your whole life. But resist the urge! Your no is powerful enough on its own—no qualifiers or explanations needed. And trust me: There's no better feeling than realizing that an old friend doesn't have the power to control your emotions or your time anymore, simply because of something as small and insignificant as a two-letter word. The Power Of Your No!!! The power of your no is a good thing. You can say no to anything that you don’t want to do. When some

The Power Of Your No

Peace Fam: Today we had a powerful segment leaning toward you and your personal power. In my time on this planet one of the hardest things for me is telling people no. Usually I feel guilty, and feel I have to explain my reasoning behind the no. I know that I am not the only one having this issue, many of us have ruined our lives, or may have put ourselves in compromising situations because we don't feel good about sharing our NO. I want you to understand that when you say no, you are sharing. You are sharing who you are and your values, and should stop allowing individuals to pull you from that. We all have boundaries and we need to learn how to enforce them, and using the "power of no" is one of our weapons for doing this. When we say no, we are being honest about our thoughts, and being true to our feelings, but we feel that we need to justify them. I am here to tell you that you do not. Those that can not accept your no, are revealing something to you. Something th

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 511171 Nitric Oxide

NO NO NO Peace FAM: Great Ujamaa, today we are gathered to talk about the power of NO, not no, but NO Nitric Oxide. This is a powerful chemical that is generated with in your body. NO helps the body: Helps memory Asssist immune system Helps regulate blood pressure reduce inflamation improve sleep stregnthen senses increase endurance Realize that there is still reseaerch going on, so expect to hear more about this chemical soon. The Best part for us is that it is produced in the body, and we can influence its production. So listen in and learn what you can.