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A couple of weeks ago I was listening to late night radio and they were conversing about the cycles of America. I was suddenly hit with an idea about charting the cycles of African people in America. This opened up a flood gate of ideas. I will share the beginning of the process and as I get my notes (I gave my notes to somebody at "Poetic Moments" poetry Night)back will put down  more info. I first had to find out how long a generation was. After a little research  I came up with 20 years. From hear I started charting in 20 year cycles the ebb and flow of my people.  The symbol I chose to use was the seasons. I chose the seasons because these are visible cycles of change that everyone can understand and it is simple. We know instinctively that there are certain things that is supposed to be done during certain seasons. For example we know that if I was going to grow some vegetables that I would not pick the winter to do it. that would be unwise. Now we can take the symbols of seasons and brake them down into thoughts and actions that should be done at certain times. Each Generation is a season and each season last 20 years. I grouped four seasons together to make what I call a generational Year which consist of 80 years. I then found a African -American timeline and started plugging in my info. Next we will discuss the symbolic meaning of the seasons and I will lay down the time line and then discuss the major things that stood out to me.

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