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How to pour Libations

We pour libations/
to connect with all that is/
and to cleanse our hearts/

I need to start this article by stating this information is based on my personal experience. I have been pouring libations for at least 20 years all over the country and personally. Libations for me is a process of remembering, and connecting or re-connecting to not only the Spirit but everything around us. When we pour libations we are opening ourselves as well as the group to the axe' of the entire Universe. I first must admit that I do not belong to a group, sect or religious order. I am a lay man who have made a personal connection with the world, and the spirit. By pouring Libations we strengthen these relationship. So let me define a few things first so that we can be on the same page.

Libations- the process of pouring or giving a sacrifice to form a connection with this world and the spiritual realm.
Spirituality- the state of establishing and maintaining relationships
Axe'- also spelled (ase', ache',ashe') this is the force that flows and composes all things (Spirit). It has been described in many different cultures around the world in china it is called chi, japan  ki, india prana, I have even heard the word Yao used when I was in Ghana. This word in the general use simple means "so be it" and is also used in some places to take the places of  the word Aman..

Pouring Libations is simply away of confirming and reminding ourselves of the relationship we have with this vast Universe and it's Creator (in all its forms). Some people pour libations using water, beer, liquor,wine. the choice is up to the pourer and the situation in which s/he is pouring. The idea is that the Libations is a sacrifice, and when they are poured you must be giving something of value. In some situations Libations are given in the form of solids. I have personal seen it given in the form of food, and or corn flour, and etc. This depends on the person giving or representing the group in this sacred ritual.
Libations are very serious, because when we do them we invite the Universal axe' (spirit) to be active in the room. We must realize that this axe' is always present, but when we consciously call it into our presence we have the opportunity to bless ourselves and others. If we play with it we can do great harm to ourselves and everyone in the room. If the leader of the ritual is not focused and consciously calls this energy into a room that is not ready it is like having a energy surge in your house, a fuse can be blown. But  instead of the lights going out in the house (which they can), the metaphoric lights in some of the participants lives go out (unbalanced events can begin to happen).
The first thing that needs to happen in a room where libations are being poured is that the ritual leader should ask for the permission of the elder in th room. This helps bring the seriousness that is needed with this ritual into play.
Now what I will do here is share a piece that I call a verbal Libation. Yes libations can be done without water or food. If the intention is right it is acceptable:

*after each category the ritual leader would pour or toss offering and the group would say Axe'....

 In the presence of our all powerful, all knowing, and all present Creator by what ever name you call It we Pour

We pour for our Celestial ancestors known in different cultures by different names. to some they are known as Orisha, to some they are known as Neteru, to some Angels we pour for them

In the presence of our ancient ancestors. Those that existed before our Maafa. those that existed before our captivity... feel free to call names....we pour

In the presence of our ancestors who died during the middle passage and our Maafa, we pour.....

We pour for Universal Ancestors. The One's that researched and taught us who we are. those freedom fighters that stood for what was and is right.... feel free to call names..... we pour...

We pour for our Personal ancestors. Those who gave birth to us, nurtured us and taught us. feel free to call names..... we pour

We pour to welcome the the present moment. We salute the power of the moment, and salute the the ever present now....we pour

We pour for our future generations. We remember them now and build for them, so that they can one day pour for us...we pour

We pour to the seven directions to west, north, east, south, the up, the down and we pour for the center which dwells in each of us...we pour

We pour for the 5 elements , we pour for the fire, earth, air, water, and the life that they all combine and make... we pour

We pour for each individual here and any issues that you would like to share feel free to shout them out..... we pour 

Which brings us back to where we started. We began with the Creator and we end with the Creator we pour 3 times .......

This is only one method that can be used you can shorten it or add. just make sure that when you are pouring you are not just acting like a robot. You being the pourer, the ritual leader have to be yourself, and put your personal touch to really get any response. Stay focused and relaxed, and it will work out for you. have any questions hit me up through my blog.

Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

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